1. Product Name
Manhattan II with LED Waterless Rainbow Tube
2. Product Code
3. Colour
White frame
4. Brief Description
A modern, sleek, multi-sensory masterpiece. Moveable from room to room, the Manhattan
II is versatile, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.
5. Contents
1 x Manhattan II unit with a fixed in waterless tube, music player with karaoke machine
and speakers, light source and fibre optics
1 x Projector (LED 100)
1 x 8 Colour Wirefree Controller (in the larger cupboard at the back)
2 x Microphone (in the larger cupboard at the back)
1 x Wheel Rotator (for the Projector)
1 x Effect Wheel (for the Projector)
1 x Remote control (batteries required) and CD for the music player with karaoke machine
1 x Mains lead (2.5m long kettle lead)
2 x sets of two keys (i.e. 2 key rings, each with 2 keys on)
1 x Allen key (4mm)
6. Snoezelen® Stimulations
7. Best Use
Move from room to room to allow many different people to enjoy this product.
8. Compatible ROMPA® Products
Wi Fi compatibility
This unit is Wi Fi compatible, and therefore will respond wirelessly to the following
18870, 20402 - Talking Cubes
19214 - Colour Changing Panel
21006 - 8 Colour Wirefree Controller
19939 - Wi Fi Interactive Carpet Switch Set
20563 - Wi Fi Microphone by ROMPA®
9. Starting Up
Attach the projector to the top and switch on at the back.
Connect the kettle lead to the socket at the back and plug in.
Switch the four individual switches to ON.
Use the 8 Colour switch to interactively control the waterless tube and fibre optics (light
source that illuminates these).
10. Detailed Description
Our ever-popular Manhattan mobile unit has evolved into a modern, sleek, multi-sensory
masterpiece! Moveable from room to room, the Manhattan II is practical, versatile, sturdy
and aesthetically pleasing. With built-in speakers.
11. Safety
 Always supervise the use of this product
When moving this product, use the handles and move the unit with care.
Do not stand or sit on the unit – it is not intended to take a person’s weight
Lock the cupboards after use.
Lock the castors (shown above) in position with the waterless tube and open area
facing towards a corner to help prevent undesired use.
Never place the fibre optics or any other component in the mouth.
12. Technical Specification
72cmW x 78.5cmD x 159cmH
13. Installation
Unpack the Manhattan II from the transportation crate.
Before you proceed any further, take a few moments to remove one key from each
key ring and label the keys you have removed – we recommend you attach a
coloured ribbon to each of these with a strong label on or write on the ribbon in
marker pen to identify these. For example, write ‘Manhattan’ on the label / ribbon
so that if you should ever lose these, you can identify them easily. As a further
failsafe, write on an adhesive label where the spares can be located and stick this
label to the top of the Manhattan or on the power cable – anywhere out of
immediate view but where it can be seen when looked for.
Keep the keys in a safe place and make a note for all users where this is.
You could keep one key from each ring in each lock, but this is not recommended
as removal of the keys will prevent any unwanted access to the waterless tube base
(bottom cupboard) and the controllers (upper cupboard).
We also recommend that you use an adhesive label to mark the remote control for
the music system with karaoke machine as when you have several remote
controllers together, one looks just like the next. For example, write ‘Manhattan
remote’ on the adhesive label and stick it to the back of the remote controller
(without compromising access to the batteries).
Connect the kettle lead to the 3-pin socket towards the bottom of the unit at the back.
Switch the ON/OFF switch next to this socket to ON.
Fix the projector to the top of the Manhattan unit. The underside of the Projector has
an integral bracket (angled thin white metal bracket with a hole in) and a circular plate.
Pass the knob supplied through the hole in the bracket and into the hole in the middle
of the plate and then through the top of the Manhattan. Fasten with a wing nut.
Put the effect wheel supplied onto the wheel rotator.
Slide the wheel rotator into the rear gate of the Projector.
Switch the projector on at the back of the projector.
Also on the top of the Manhattan is a small circular vent – do not block this vent.
Open the bottom cupboard using the keys supplied.
Remove the protective film from the mirror.
Locate the bank of 4 switches towards the top of the Manhattan (situated to the left
side of the music system with karaoke player).
From left to right these are:
Music system with
karaoke machine
Waterless Tube
Light Source
Switch each of these ON.
Press the POWER button on the left (as well as the switch in the bank of 4 switches as
described above).
Use the OPEN / CLOSE button to insert or change a CD. A CD is included, but you can
use your own CD.
Use the PLAY / PAUSE button to start and pause your CD.
Use the STOP button to stop your CD.
Use the PREVIOUS button to rewind to the previous track.
Use the NEXT button to fast-forward to the next track.
To adjust the volume, use the MUSIC VOL buttons on the remote control: ‘ + ‘ or ‘ - ‘
or use or volume buttons on the system itself.
The microphones (included) can be plugged into the socket on the music system to
better enjoy the karaoke. Remember to push the switch on the microphone to the
ON position. One or two microphones can be plugged in as desired. Use the Volume
1 control for microphone 1 and use Volume 2 control for microphone 2. These
volume dials are for the microphones only and not the CD facility for example.
Use the ECHO facility as required to achieve a different effect with the microphone.
The music system has a slot for other sound media: SD / MMC / MS card.
The numbered buttons 1 – 0 are for selecting tracks on the CD.
Please note: it can take a moment for the track selection to register – allow a few seconds
after pressing the numbered buttons before the track will start.
Please refer to the separate instructions required for the music system with karaoke if
Please note – these instructions refer to some cables which are not included. These have
been removed as they would have been for connecting the music system to a TV but are no
longer required.
List of tracks typically included on the supplied karaoke CD
This switch is supplied plugged into the socket inside the Manhattan so that it is on
charge whilst the Manhattan is plugged into the mains and switched on.
The switch can be unplugged for wireless use of this switch.
Make sure that you plug this switch back into its socket after use to maintain its
charge. You may wish to label this cable so that you can identify it should it ever
become separated from the Manhattan unit. The USB cable has the following
symbol on it:
Use this switch to select the colour of the waterless tube and light source for the
fibre optics. The switch is supplied in the ‘All Wi Fi products’ setting, meaning that
the colour of the waterless tube and light source can be controlled at the same time.
The 8 Colour Wirefree Controller is not compatible with the projector supplied.
Please refer to the separate instructions required for the 8 Colour Wirefree Controller
The fibre optics are supplied already secured inside the front of the light source. The
light source is inside the Manhattan. Do not pull on the fibre optics. Handle fibre
optics with care – do not bend them as the light will not pass beyond the bend of the
fibres. Make sure the fibres are curled around the waterless tube (as shown) and
not trailing on the floor when the Manhattan is moved. If they get caught under the
castors or trodden on they will become damaged.
The fibre optics supplied are 2m long (some of this will be fixed inside the unit) and have
100 strands.
Please refer to the separate instructions required for the Light Source and Fibre Optics
14. Care and Maintenance
It is highly unlikely that it will be necessary to remove the top of the Manhattan unit.
All necessary access to the integral components can be obtained using the cupboards.
However, it is possible to remove the top. To do this, remove the four screws that
hold the lid down.
Do not block the small circular vent on the top.
Please refer to the separate instructions supplied for the components.
15. Troubleshooting
In the unlikely event of product failure, please check the following:
Problem: The 8 Colour Controller does not work
 Check that the battery has been charged.
 Check that the 8 Colour Wirefree Controller is switched ON.
 Check that the Manhattan is plugged in and switched on, and the individual products are
switched on (bank of 4 switches) e.g. your waterless tube.
 Check that you have selected the correct product in the display on the underside of the 8
Colour Wirefree Controller – make sure it is set to all Wi Fi products.
Problem: The music system with karaoke machine does not work
 Check that the music system is switched on at both switches – the one in the bank of 4
switches, as well as on the music system itself.
 Check the volume level using the remote control
Tip: Keep the remote controller for the music system in a safe place once the volume has
been set
 Lock this away in one of the cupboards at the back of the Manhattan
Please refer to the separate instructions supplied for all the components
Further copies of these instructions can be downloaded at
We hope you find our instructions invaluable. If you have any suggestions for improving
them further your comments will be greatly received – please contact us at
Manhattan (Waterless Tube Version) 21774, March 2017
Copyright ROMPA® Ltd