Baby Hal

Baby Hal Guide
To charge the battery:
Turn the simulator off and connect the battery charger to recharge the battery
1. Close the UNI software to turn the simulator off
2. Connect the adapter labeled “HAL Charger” to the battery port located on the simulator’s right side.
3. Allow the simulator to charge for 2 - 3 hours (or until the charger displays a green light ).
4. After the charger indicator light turns green, disconnect the charger. The simulator is ready for use.
The charger indicator light will show red during the charge period and green once the process is complete.
Turn on the Tablet PC
Slide the power slider to turn on the tablet
The tablet is pre-loaded with the UNI control software used by the facilitator to initialize the simulator and control
the vital signs.
The tablet’s stylus
– Left click: tap the screen with the pointer. Tap twice quickly to double-click
– Right click: tap and hold a highlighted item or hold the button near the pointer and tap the item or text.
Double click the UNI icon on the tablet’s home screen to start.
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