Transcription Sample - FAQ

Transcription Sample - FAQ
Q: Do I have to download Express Scribe to transcribe the sample audio file If you are using your own
transcription software?
A: No. The audio file can be played in the audio player of your choice (as long as the
program/software can play .wma format). For more information see the Express Scribe website.
Q: How do I prepare for transcribing the sample audio file using my own software?
A: If you already own and use transcription software compatible with playing .wma audio files, you
may proceed to download the sample audio file.
Please note: This file will load and begin playing in your default .wma-default player. Make sure
your transcription software is set as your default player for .wma files to prevent Windows
Media Player from opening the file. Additional troubleshooting tips are available below should
Windows Media Player come up as your default .wma player. Download and save your file to
your local computer's desktop. Browse to open and play the file.
Q: Why did the sample audio file open in Windows Media Player if using Express Scribe?
A: If you are using your own software, you may have to save your audio file to your computer
before playing the file in your transcription software of choice. Try these troubleshooting steps:
In Windows Media Player, go to File Save As. Save the file to My Documents. In your
transcription software, follow standard uploading steps as necessary to retrieve and play
digitest.wma * If you are using Express Scribe, see step 8 below.
Q: How do I prepare for transcription using Express Scribe?
A: In order to use the free trial version of Express Scribe for the completion of this test, you must
complete the following steps in order.
Click here to begin downloading Express
In the File Download window, click on Open.
In the new window, double click on the Setup icon.
Under License Agreement, select "I agree with these terms".
Click Next.
There is no need to add any of the optional files that are listed in your download. All
components needed to play the sample audio file are included in the basic installation.
Click on the Finish button.
Make Express Scribe your default .wma audio file player by following the instructions in the next
step. Express Scribe transcription software is the property of NCH Swift Sound. By clicking on
the link to Express and downloading the Express Scribe software, the applicant/user
acknowledges that Allegis Communications, Inc. shall not be held liable for any malfeasance that
may result in damage to personal property including, but not limited to: hardware, software,
electronic program or file corruption or destruction. For more information about this software,
go to the Express Scribe web site.
Q: How do I play .wma files in Express Scribe?
Settings. Go into the Files tab, and click to select the .wma file extension. Click OK.
Q: How do I download the sample audio file to my computer?
In the File Download window, click Save.
Browse to My Documents and Save the file named digitest.wma
Q: How do I upload and play the sample audio file in Express Scribe?
A: In Express Scribe, go to File > Transfer from Portable (Dock) > Audio File Transfer Method.
Click on Browse and go to My Documents. Click OK. Express Scribe will begin uploading the
sample audio file. Once the sample audio file is loaded in Express Scribe, you may then click on
the green Play button to the bottom left-hand corner to begin playback of the file
Q: Why did the audio file open in my Windows Media Player?
A: If the sample audio file opened in any player other than Express Scribe, your Express Scribe
download might have encountered an error, or you did not select Express Scribe as your default
.wma file player. Try these troubleshooting options:
Double check that Express Scribe is listed in your Start Menu and/or on your desktop. If not, you
may have encountered an error in the Express Scribe download. Click here to download.
If Express Scribe is correctly installed on your computer, double check that Express Scribe is your
default .wma file player.
If you are still unable to play sample audio file, try rebooting your computer and beginning
download process again.
Q: Where is link to audio file that I’m supposed to transcribe?
A: Click here for the audio link.
Q: Can Allegis provide me with the sample audio file in another file format?
A: No, the sample audio file is available only in the .wma format.
Q: Where are the formatting rules for the test transcript?
Format your transcript using Times New Roman, font size 12.
Always use OK; never Okay or Ok.
For sentences that trail off, always use an ellipsis . . . never a hyphen or double dashes.
Set off all uhs and ums with commas. For example: I, uh, think the car was, um, blue. Format
stutters and false starts (when you begin to say something then change your mind mid-word, or
stutter) like this: I was go-, going to the, the store. (i.e. A partial word followed by a hyphen and
then a comma. Do not use a dash for repeated whole words.)
Allegis transcribes 100 percent verbatim. Type everything you hear, including any uhs, ums,
false starts, stutters or interruptions between the speakers.
Format simultaneous speaking like this: . . . [SS] . . . . . . [SS] . . . is to be used only when you
cannot understand what is being said because two parties are speaking over each other, not just
because two people are speaking at the same time. The easiest way to get it right is to listen to
one person and get everything you can, and then listen to the other person. If you cannot
understand something, use . . . [SS] . . . for the words you do not understand.
Sighs, sneezes, coughs or any background noise that do not interrupt the conversation or
receive verbal acknowledgement do not need to be included. If after reviewing and performing
the instructions detailed on this page you require additional assistance, you may email mailto: subject=Independent Contractor Transcription Test Help
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