Public Address
PAW – 7000AS50W
Pandora Series
Loudspeaker type
Two way
Cabinet material
Clients who demand the most from their outdoor
Powder coated aluminium
Grille material
sound system will certainly be impressed by the new
Mica polypropylene. cone
Cone type
set of waterproof cabinet speaker. All units within
Thermoplastic polyurethane
Surround type
the series feature a two-way arrangement for a
dynamic response. Equipped with a superior 5.25”
woofer and an ethereal 1” tweeter, PAW–7000AS
Stainless steel U-bracket
Bracket type
with a low insertion loss 10/20/30/40/50W
Fitting Mechanism
transformer for P.A. purposes. PAW–7000AS also
IP 65
offers a stunning acoustic performance with
ASTM D4329 & ASTM D2244
capability of managing up a maximum power of 100
(600 hrs UV stabilised)
ASTM B117 (400hrs saltwater spray)
Each model has a 8 Ω low impedance design,
RoHS conform
making it suitable to be fitted in Hi-Fi system and to
IEC-268-5 (100 hours tested)
serve discrete applications including open-air café,
attraction park, lounge, cruise ship, swimming pool,
garden and school.
Integrated with special waterproof terminal cover and a stainless U-bracket, the water resistance and moisture
tolerance have been amplified significantly to a new level, rated IP 65, to withstand different outdoor
environments. This series will grant satisfaction to clients, who are looking for intelligible, attractive and
supportive outdoor loudspeaker.
Loudspeaker size / type
Transformer taps for 100V
with corresponding impedance
Average Sensitivity 1W / 1m
5.25”woofer / 1”tweeter
10/20/30/40/50W/8 Ω
1k / 500 / 333 / 250 / 200 Ω
85 ± 2 dB
Maximum SPL 1W
102 ± 2 dB / 50W
Frequency response
55 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Operating temperature
-20℃ ~ 100℃
Power Selection Method
Rotary selector
Bracket type
Exterior dimensions
PAW – 7000AS50W / PAB – 7000AS50W
Dimensional Diagram :
Wiring Diagram :
Characteristic diagrams :
Public Address
Pandora Series
PAW – 7000 AS50W
Installation Manual
Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the installation, as it
contains important information that will guide you to achieve the optimum performance
with the unit. It is highly recommended for users to keep this manual for future reference.
To ensure a firm fitting of the unit, this product must be tightly screwed against the
mounting surface. The knobs must be turned tightly to secure the position of the speaker.
Failure to meet these precautions may result in insecure fitting of the product and
detachment from the ceiling as a consequence, which can cause serious personal injury
and/or property damage.
During operation there is a hazard of contact voltage up to 100V / 70 V at the electrical cable. The installation must only
be made by authorised skilled personnel.
Observe the correct power matching. An incorrect power matching will destroy the PA amplifier if the total power
exceeds the amplifier power.
Do not operate the product for a prolong period of time with the sound distorted. It is an
indication of malfunction, which in turn may generate heat and start a fire.
Installation Guide:
PAW – 7000AS50W
Step 1 :
Press the U-bracket firmly against
the mounting surface. Tighten the
screws by turning them clockwise.
See Figure-I.
Step 2 :
Line up the U-bracket and the speaker
and turn the knob above clockwise first
before turning the knob below. DO NOT
Step 3 :
Remove the terminal cover. Insert the
wire through the centre hole of the
cover and connect it to the terminal
block. See Figure-III.
Step 4 :
Replace the terminal cover behind the
speaker. Select the right wattage using
a screwdriver. See Figure-IV.
Step 5 :
Adjust the angle of the speaker to
broadcasting effect. See Figure-V or
Figure-VI. Tighten the knobs to
ensure a firm fitting.
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