PDA500/1000 Styler

Ideal for theatres, cinemas, large
conference halls and other applications
where top quality sound is a must
PDA500 provides max. square room
coverage of 220m2 (15m x 15m) or max.
rectangular room coverage of 360m2
(12m x 30m)
PDA1000 provides max. square room
coverage of 550m2 (23.5m x 23.5m) or
max. rectangular room coverage of
800m2 (20m x 40m)
One balanced/unbalanced microphone
input (3 pin XLR type)
One balanced/unbalanced line level
input (3 pin XLR type)
Adjustable output drive and input level
Input peak and output current meter
Automatic tracking compressor
Advanced signal processing – internally
adjustable for ‘compression’ or
‘compander’ operation to suit individual
Optional ‘duck’ facility for use with
audience response microphones in
Full 2Ω drive capability for increased
The PDA500 and PDA1000 are professional 19” rack-mount induction loop
amplifiers offering outstanding sound quality. They are ideal for use in
large prestigious applications such as theatres, cathedrals, large
conference halls, etc., where first class sound and unrivalled reliability are
a must.
Each amplifier includes one balanced/unbalanced microphone input (with
optional phantom power) and one balanced/unbalanced line level input.
Both inputs accept standard 3pin XLR connectors.
The pre-amplification stage of both amplifiers utilises an advanced signal
processing system that allows tight control over the signal without any
degradation of output quality. A selection of internal controls are also
provided, allowing the processor to be further adjusted by experienced
installers to suit a specific application.
The PDA500 and 1000 are supplied in 1U and 2U cases respectively and
both feature an input peak LED, recessed level and drive controls and an
output current meter to monitor loop activity. Their flexibility is further
enhanced by their compatibility with SigNET’s unique ‘outreach plate’
input extension system.
coverage at higher frequencies
Supplied in rack mountable 1U
(PDA500) and 2U (PDA1000) cases with
recessed tamper resistant controls
Additional inputs available via SigNET’s
unique ‘outreach plate’ input extension
Fully compliant with EN60118-4
(formerly BS6083) and BS7594:1993
Helps service providers comply with the
requirements of the Disability
Discrimination Act
+44 (0) 191 417 4551
+44 (0) 191 417 0634
Rear view of PDA500
Mains voltage
Power consumption
230V ac
<100VA (PDA500); <225VA (PDA1000)
Plug: 3A; Internal mains input fuse: 1A HRC (PDA500), 2.5A HRC (PDA1000)
A two metre mains lead (IEC 320 type) with a 3A fused plug is included with both units.
Input impedance
Input impedance
3-pin XLR
600Ω balanced/unbalanced
2-5mV (-46db to -50db)
3-pin XLR
>10kΩ balanced/unbalanced
0dbv (300mV rms to 1.5V rms)
Should additional inputs be required, the PDA500/1000 are compatible with SigNET’s outreach plate input extension system.
This allows up to 10 extra mic or line level inputs to be daisy-chained to each amplifier. See our separate datasheet for details.
PDA500/1000 Technical Specification
Loop connector
Current mode
4mm pole terminal (pillar type)
PDA500 Loop coverage (square room)
PDA500 Loop coverage (rectangular room)
220m2 max. (e.g. 15m x 15m)
Up to 360m2 when shortest side of loop is no greater than 12m (e.g. 12m x 30m)
PDA1000 Loop coverage (square room)
PDA1000 Loop coverage (rectangular room)
550m2 max. (e.g. 23.5m x 23.5m)
Up to 800m2 when shortest side of loop is no greater than 20m (e.g. 20m x 40m)
Recommended cable gauge
Loop drive current
Loop impedance
PDA500 = 1.0–1.5mm2; PDA1000 = 1.5-2.5mm2
PDA500 =10A peak; 2.6A average; PDA1000 = 16A peak; 5A average
0.2 to 2Ω @ 1kHz
Input dynamic range
25Hz to 15kHz
<0.1% THD
The PDA500/1000 include an amplitude compression stage that limits overload and has a dynamically variable ratio from 1:1 to10:1
LED indicators
Input peak (limit); output drive (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 peak current) and power on (power).
An additional ‘soft start’ indicator (protection) is included on the PDA1000.
User controls
One mic level control, -60 dB to +0dB adjustment
One line level control, -60 dB to +0dB adjustment
One output drive control, giving a loop current adjustable between 40mA & 2.6A
(PDA500) and 100mA & 5A (PDA1000)
Engineer controls
Two internally adjustable jumper links are provided (accessible to suitably skilled and
technically competent personnel only). Their functions are described below:Link 1 allows the processor to be set up for compression or compander mode operation.
(Compression is the default setting and is recommended for systems where the main input is from
a mixing desk or theatre stage. Compander mode is recommended for systems using multiple
microphones where there is little or no external signal processing).
Link 2 allows the amplifier’s ‘duck’ facility to be switched on or off.
(When switched on, the MICROPHONE input is attenuated by 10dB for every 1dB of the LINE input
above a threshold level. This is useful for theatre-based applications as it helps prevent echo
occurring when an audience response microphone is used in conjunction with a stage/front of
house signal feed to the loop amplifier’s line level input stage. The default setting is ‘Duck’ off).
Width x Height x Depth
PDA500 = 482mm (19”) x 44mm (1U) x 243mm; PDA1000 = 482mm (19”) x 88mm (2U) x 243mm
2.5kg (PDA500); 5.9kg (PDA1000)
Approved Doc. No. DCS0002387 Rev1. SigNET operates a policy of continuous improvement & reserves the right to alter product specifications at its discretion & without prior notice. E&OE.
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