EncoreAnywhere modem FAQs

modem FAQs
How often does the modem call in?
What does “missed call” mean?
Wireless Flow and Wired Flow modems call daily.
A scheduled call was supposed to happen but for some
reason the call did not occur. You may want to ask the
patient to press the manual call button on the modem to
force the modem to call into EncoreAnywhere in order
to retrieve the data.
M Series Wired modems and PR System One Wired Data
modems call according to the "declining frequency" call
schedule pattern which is:
• Daily for 30 days
• Weekly for two months
• Bi-weekly for the remainder of the one-year
subscription period
Do I have to deactivate the modem every time I
remove it from a patient’s profile?
No. However, charges will apply if you do not deactivate
the modem. In order to deactivate the modem:
• Go to the “Modem Administration” tab.
• Click on the Encore ID of the modem you want to
• Click on the blue “Deactivate” button above the
modem summary.
Can I make the modem send in a manual call
through the software?
No, this functionality is not supported.You can, however,
ask the patient to press the manual call button on
the modem to send data or receive the most recent
Why can’t the modem be added to the prescription?
You may not be able to add a modem to a patient
prescription when the following conditions are present:
• The modem is deactivated.
• The modem is already assigned to another patient.
• The modem subscription has expired.
Note: The data is not lost; it will upload to EncoreAnywhere
the next time the modem makes a successful call.
What does “unscheduled connect” mean?
Normally, the modem will automatically make a call and
upload therapy data at predetermined times without
human intervention. A user, however, can manually cause
the modem to make a call by pressing and holding in the
call button for at least two seconds. The manual modem
call is identified by “unscheduled connect” status in the
EncoreAnywhere application.
How do I get the compliance data without waiting
for the next scheduled call?
Ask the patient to press the manual call button on the
side of the modem.
The modem is no longer calling every day.
How do I reset it so it will?
Contact an EncoreAnywhere user with the “Modem
Manager” role in your company to reset the call
frequency. Resetting the call frequency applies only to
the PR System One Wired Data and M Series Wired Data
modems and may incur a fee.
What do I do if the modem stops calling in?
How do you renew a modem?
For wired data and M Series modems, the modem
subscription may have expired. Contact an EncoreAnywhere
user with modem manager role in your company to
renew the subscription. This may incur a fee.
EncoreAnywhere allows a user with the modem manager
role to renew the subscriptions for M Series Wired and
PR System One Wired Data modems starting one month
before the subscription expires. This can be done from the
Modem Administration page in EncoreAnywhere. Consult
the online help file for detailed instructions.
For wireless modems, the modem may be located in an
area with little or no coverage.You can check the signal
strength by tapping the manual call button on the side
of the modem. On the device screen, you will see the
cellular signal strength of the modem. If the signal is weak,
please advise the patient to place the modem in an area
with good AT&T network coverage.
What do I do if the modem has never made a
call and states “waiting for first call”?
Check with patients to make sure that:
• For wired modems – the modem is connected to a
working telephone line
• For wireless modem – the modem is located in an area
with good coverage
Also, recommend that the power is unplugged from the
device and then plugged back in.
What is a device-related notification?
If a modem does not call on a specified time for two
consecutive days, or if there is a prescription mismatch, the
device-related notification is sent to the patient's clinician.
How often is the waveform data uploaded?
Waveform data is only available from a Wired Flow
modem or a Wireless Flow modem. These PR System
One Wireless Flow modems will upload data on the
second scheduled call and every seventh scheduled call
that follows. When a patient executes a manual call via the
device, no flow will be uploaded unless seven days have
passed since the last waveform upload. The machine must
have been off for eight hours prior to the call or it will
not send waveform data.
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