Install Smartcard Reader and Manager Software

Install Smartcard Reader and Manager Software
Both are easy steps that do not require any technical know-how. Below you find a “Simple Set-up,” in
case you are familiar with your computer settings and comfortable with installing software. In case you
would like a step-by-step explanation, please follow the “In-depth installation Guide.”
Simple Set-up:
1) Shut down your computer, connect the reader via a USB port, and switch it back on. You need to
log on as administrator, and connect to the internet.
2) The driver for the Smartcard reader installs itself.
Download the Card Manager Software from the Law Society’s website. Depending on your OS,
either the zip file for Microsoft® or
the one for Apple®
3) “Open” the file, double-click to run the application, choose a language, agree to the EULA and click
“install.” If required, click “yes” to the restart.
4) You’re ready to use your card reader and manager.
In-depth installation Guide:
1) Connect the Smartcard reader
1. Shut down and turn off your computer
2. Attach the reader to an available USB port
3. Turn on your machine and log on as a user with the ability to install applications (admin privileges)
4. Ensure your computer is connected to the internet
2) Installing the device driver
The reader is plug-and-play and will install all necessary drivers for use on its own.
The Smartcard reader is designed to be user-friendly and install necessary drivers by itself. If the
Smartcard reader has been detected and installed properly, the LED illuminates. (green light on lefthand side display) Your Smartcard reader is now ready for use.
However, if you are using a host computer that does not have a plug and play feature (plugging
in the reader does not prompt the computer to install the appropriate driver), you must install
the driver manually.
Installing the Smartcard reader manually requires to you to download the driver from the
manufacturer’s website and install the software on your
1. Select the link above or cut & paste into a web browser
2. Enter the following details into the search filter options:
Brand: Omnikey
Product: Omnikey 3121 USB Card Reader
OS: Enter the operating system of your computer. (If you are unsure of your Computer
operating system, please check your system information:
Windows: Go to START and select CONTROL PANEL, then select SYSTEM – your
computer’s Operating System will be displayed on the “Edition” tab.
Apple: From the Apple ( ) menu, choose ABOUT THIS MAC. Click the VERSION number
underneath where the window says "OS X". The ABOUT THIS MAC window then
displays your OS X version number in place of the version number.)
3. Double-click the relevant driver (usually named “self-extracting archive”) in the upcoming list to
download the driver and install as per your operating system instructions.
Once the Smartcard reader has been successfully installed, the next step is to install the Card Manager
application. This will allow you to both check your PIN/PUK and use the renewal tool.
3) Installing the Smartcard Manager application
The manager application, listed in the table below, is a small utility application that is compatible with
Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® operating systems. The application can be downloaded from the Law
Society’s website:
Application Installation File Location
1. Click the link above and open the file (select the appropriate link for all Windows or Apple
operating systems)
2. Run the software to Install (Please allow the BIT4ID application to be installed, if prompted)
3. Select a language – English
4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and then click Next
5. Click I Agree to the License Agreement
6. Software will install, and then click Finish to complete the installation. If requested to reboot your
computer, select reboot now. Failure to complete this step can result in the application not being
correctly installed
7. The application is installed and will be available from the operating system programme menu
Installation Screenshots
Step/ instruction
Step 1
Step 2
Double-click to
start installation
Step 3
Select language
Step 4
Follow the
Step 5
Agree to the Software
License Agreement &
Step 6
Finish and, if requested,
reboot the computer
The Smartcard Manager
will be visible in the
programme list. You can also
create a shortcut on the
Your Smartcard Reader and Card Manager are now ready for use.
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