JANUARY 23, 2016
ValsTech to exhibit breakthrough underwater smartphone housing LenzO™ at Boot
Düsseldorf 2016.
ValsTech Inc., founded by the world’s most successful team of innovators in
underwater optics and protective camera housings, will exhibit the LenzO™ at
Germany's Boot Dusseldorf, the world's largest maritime trade show, January 23
through 31, 2016. Highlights will include the debut of two color options for the LenzO™,
yellow and black, pre-launch ordering for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Housing.
Every LenzO™ model boasts a host of features, including a dome lens designed to
provide an optically precise camera view underwater with no soft corners or distortion,
built-in color correction filters, a depth rating of 100 meters (330 ft), and ergonomic
controls to access all native smartphone camera functions, without the need to install
custom apps. “People are amazed when they discover operating the LenzO™ is just as
easy as operating their iPhone."- Anthony Lenzo, Executive Vice-President Marketing
and Sales.
Targeted towards the SCUBA community, boaters, sailors, and outdoor enthusiasts, the
LenzO™ provides the perfect solution for both consumer and professional users who
are looking to take their smartphone with them in, around, and under the water. “More
then 80 years of experience goes into every LenzO™ housing. When you pick up a
LenzO™ you can feel the difference this experience makes.” - Valentins “Val” Ranetkins,
ValsTech founder and CEO.
The LenzO™ iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus / 6S Plus both retail for US $295.
About Boot Dusseldorf 2016
Boot Dusseldorf is the world’s largest boat and water sports trade fair show with
around 1,700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries presenting their maritime
innovations, developments and equipment. 1,550 sailing boats and cruisers will lower
their anchors – more than at any other boat trade fair in the world. Here you can try
almost everything that has to do with watersports, be entertained and gather
information at ten different theme world stages, dive into a world of action cams and
learn how to keep your boat in good condition. The events are spread throughout 17
exhibition halls and relate to boating, fishing, scuba diving, surfing and wakeboarding.
Access the largest marketplace for sail boats and motor boats of the 2016 season! For
more information, visit www.boat-duesseldorf.com.
About ValsTech
ValsTech is a private Canadian corporation founded in 2012 by underwater camera
housing pioneer Valentins (Val) Ranetkins. In 1978, Val founded Aqua Vision Systems
Inc., where he developed the revolutionary underwater housing known as the
“Aquatica,” which became the underwater workhorse for National Geographic
Magazine and many famous underwater photographers worldwide. In 1988 Val started
JANUARY 23, 2016
Amphibico, and over the next 10 years developed and manufactured several
groundbreaking underwater video products including the “Amphibicam” housing for
the Sony F900 HDCAM series. During this time, he also designed and introduced
innovative award winning features like electronic camera controls, underwater push
buttons, interchangeable optics, unique housing latches, underwater microphones &
hydrophones, and foolproof underwater sealing systems.
Today, Val and his team bring to ValsTech, more than 80 years of experience in the
design and manufacturing of housings. This experience and know-how is now applied
to the creation of unique underwater housings, which enable today’s popular
smartphones to produce outstanding quality images, both underwater and in aquatic
Media Contact
Anthony Lenzo
Executive Vice-President Marketing and Sales
Social Media
Facebook: valstech
Instagram #valstechinc
Twitter: @valstechinc
Youtube: valstech
Underwater Housing
For iPhone 6/6S*
iPhone not included. Actual photo shot with an iPhone 6s
Designed for both everyday users and professionals alike, the LenzO™ iPhone 6/6s housing has all
the features you expect from your phone while incoproating professional controls for serious
professionals for those looking to create great imagery, the LenzO™ offers an optically correct
dome lens to ensure sharp, clear images in every shot. It's the most feature packed iphone 6/6s
housing available today.
including 4K mode
Smartphone Protection
Additional Features
Measurements (with Lens)
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