Adobe Connect Quick Reference Card for Meeting Hosts

Adobe Connect Quick Reference Card for Meeting Hosts
The Adobe Connect Interface
Participant Status
Audio Controls
Start meeting
audio here
Attendees Pod
Default Share Pod Area
Add new share pods
using the “Pods” menu.
Chat Area
Adobe Connect Tips
Pods can be resized: Click and drag a pod’s outer edge to resize.
Close out of pods you are not using: In the upper right-hand corner of the pod, select “Minimize” to close out of the pod.
Upload content in advance: Adobe Connect converts content into Flash format which can take some time depending on the file size.
Rename Presentation Pods: double click pod title (e.g. “Share” or “Chat” to rename)
“Show Slidebar” (lower left-hand corner of the presentation pod): Allows you to see PPT notes and your slide deck outline.
Record a Meeting: Found under the Meeting menu. To retrieve recordings after the meeting is over, navigate to, log in and use the Meetings tab >
Shared Meetings > SYS501 Team # > Recordings.
Starting Meeting Audio
To start meeting audio, the Host should go to Audio > Start Meeting Audio. Select the appropriate computer and/or
telephony options. This will allow participants to connect to your meeting.
Managing Participants
You can keep track of participants in the Participant window, where you can see who is active in the event, who has
stepped out, raised hands and emoticons, as well as individual status responses.
Clearing Participant Status
From the Attendee Pod Options menu, select Clear
Everyone’s Status.
Muting Participant Audio
Hover your mouse over a participant name and select
Mute Attendee from the menu that appears.
Promoting a Participant or Granting Control of the WhiteBoard
Select a meeting participant and drag their name to the Presenters or Hosts section in the Attendees pod. Alternatively,
hover your mouse over their name and from the menu that appears, select Make Presenter/ Host/Participant from the list.
Displaying Content or Screen Sharing
1. If the main Share pod is not displayed, go to Pods > Share > Add New Share
2. Click to expand the Share My Screen menu that appears in the new pod and select the appropriate sharing
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