Using MPEG-2 Files in TrialDirector

Using MPEG-2 Files in TrialDirector
TrialDirector® Version 5.1 supports the use of MPEG-2 video files, provided that the
end-user has a proper MPEG-2 codec loaded onto their computer. inData’s
DepoView® DVD (used for delivering synced deposition videos) includes a proper
MPEG-2 codec right on the disc. Therefore, a TrialDirector user who receives a video
deposition on a DepoView DVD disc can install the codec on their computer and work
with MPEG-2 files.
Using DepoView DVDs with TrialDirector
Follow the instructions below to import the synchronized transcripts and attached
exhibits into TrialDirector.
1. Insert the DepoView DVD into your DVD drive. Run the InstallCodec.exe program
from the root of the DepoView DVD. You only need to run this once on each PC.
Installation of the audio/video codec pack is necessary to ensure that the DVD-Video
can be played back accurately in TrialDirector.
2. Open TrialDirector and navigate to the Transcript Manager tab.
3. Select the Transcripts > Import Transcripts From > TrialDirector Case File menu
4. Browse to the Import folder on the DepoView DVD and select the .CMS file.
Complete the Import Wizard and make sure to index the transcript.
5. Once the .CMS file is imported, you can open the synchronized digital video
transcript for review.
6. When opening a Digital Video Transcript imported from a DepoView DVD for the first
time, there is a brief pause while the video reference on the DVD is updated. Once the
DVT is opened the video and transcript can be played back in synchronization.
7. If the DepoView DVD includes any attached exhibits, they can be imported via
Document Manager using the .OLL file within the Import folder. Once you import any
attached exhibits, they can be linked and synchronized to a location within the
transcript. Use the Attach Synchronized Exhibit feature within Transcript Manager to
synchronize exhibits to a location within the transcript.
Known Issue:
The following message is displayed when attempting to use the Segment Editor with
clips created with DepoView DVDs: Unsupported multimedia format (*.VOB). Future
versions of TrialDirector will address this issue. Use the classic clip editing tools below
the Multimedia Manager to edit clips created from DepoView DVDs.
Tips and Tricks:
Copy the contents of the DepoView DVD to a local or network hard disk location.
Copying the DepoView DVD to a hard disk will improve the seek times to access video
playback. It will also ensure that the video is always available and the user does not
need to swap DVD
Make sure to use the Modify Multimedia Locations wizard within Transcript Manager
to remap the locations of the DepoView DVD if you decide to copy to a local or network
hard disk location.
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