WITS Homepage Introduction - World Integrated Trade Solution

WITS Homepage Introduction
Welcome to the World Integrated Trade Solution website.
To begin, you may choose to view the website in English or Spanish.
Please note that, unless your browser’s default language is Spanish, WITS will always open with the
English pages.
The WITS TradeStats database gives you a quick view of various trade, tariff and relevant development
data for countries and regions.
The home page identifies your country using the IP address and provides relevant information for the
identified country.
Using the My Country dropdown, you can change the view to a different country of interest.
The WITS home page displays the most relevant data from the TradeStats database.
In this section you get the latest export, import, weighted average tariff, openness to trade and GDP.
It also provides the top 5 export partners and summary of products exported.
You can move the mouse over the bars in the graph for more information, or change to tabular view
depending on your preference.
Click on these headers for a more detailed view of the featured country's trade data.
Similarly, World At A Glance shows information on the top 5 importing and exporting economies, as well
as the most traded product groups.
Again, you can select Chart view or Table view, depending on your preference.
If you want to see all exporters, click Exporters, and a new page will be opened.
In this instance, you can see the complete list of exporting countries ranked by value and share, as well
as a visual representation of their market share.
Note that top exporting countries are countries from which World imports the most and vice versa.
The Table and Chart views offer many user options – which will be discussed in the succeeding videos.
The Popular Countries and Indicators section contains links to trade information on the most browsed
countries and indicators.
To View data for a particular country or indicator, navigate to Trade Stats, and then select By Country or
By Indicator.
This section contains links to The Trade Post – a blogsite whose contributors are the World Bank Group's
experts on international trade.
This is regularly updated to reflect the most current blogs.
The Tools section offers downloadable software for use outside the WITS website.
The Simulation tool allows users to perform Tariff Cuts, Global Simulation, and run the SMART
simulation with their own data.
While the offline tool enables users in low bandwidth countries to compile advanced queries without
being connected to the internet.
The Featured section contains the latest content and updates, as well as items of interest such as
various Trade Data Visualizations and the WITS e-Learning course.
Trade Data Visualizations are interactive, and you can change their properties according to your
For more information on tariff and trade data available in World Bank sites or other organizations,
please refer to the Related Links section.
Similarly, you will find more information in the Reference section.
Here you will find how WITS calculates statistics,
The list of terms and definitions,
Details on products, countries, and other reference data used by WITS,
Downloadable mapping between various nomenclatures,
And more links to tariff and trade-related information.
The Training tab contains links to various learning methods.
Here you will find information on how to receive WITS training, access Video Tutorials, and learn how to
create custom queries via our eLearning tool.
The Support Links section is a great source of information that users both existing and new can benefit
The Share section lets you easily share reports via email or using various social media applications.
When you are ready to create your own report, click on Custom Query.
You will need to register before you can start using this WITS feature.
For more information on creating queries, please refer to the eLearning, User Manual, and Video
Thank you for watching.
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