Installation Guide
The AP-90 Series Wall Mounting kit provides two options, with built-in security features, for mounting your
AP-90 Series to a wall. Use the Box Mount Bracket to install the AP over wall box and use the Wall Mount
Bracket to install the AP directly on a wall.
The kit includes the following:
1x plastic Wall Mount Bracket
Figure 1 AP-90-MNT
Wall Mount Bracket
Required Tools
A screwdriver that matches the screws used for mounting your brackets.
An M5 (Metric) or 3/16" (Standard) hex key.
0511183-01 | January 2013
1. Before securing your mount a double-gang box or directly to the wall, route the ethernet cable through
the openings show in Figure 2.
Figure 2 Cable Routing
Wall Mount Bracket
Cable Route to ENET Port
2. Install your mounting bracket.
For the Wall Mount Bracket (Figure 3):
a. Before installing your Wall Mount Bracket, install the appropriate wall anchors. Screws and wall
anchors are not included.
b. Align the screw holes in the mount with the holes or anchors on the wall.
c. Insert the screws and tighten them to secure your Wall Mount Bracket.
Figure 3 Wall Mount Bracket Installation
AP-90-MNT-W2 | Installation Guide
3. Connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet port (ENET) on the back of the AP.
4. Secure the AP to the mounting bracket by aligning the mounting holes on the back the AP with the
mounting post on the bracket.
5. Push the AP against the posts and downward until the posts engage the slots at the top of the mounting
holes. See Figure 4 and Figure 8 for more details.
Figure 4 Completing the Installation (Wall Mount Bracket)
Figure 5 Completed Installation
AP in Wall Mount Bracket
AP-90-MNT-W2 | Installation Guide
6. To remove the AP from the mounting bracket, begin by inserting an M5 or 3/16" hex key into the hole
shown in Figure 6.
7. Use the hex key to depress the tab on the AP and push the AP up, releasing the AP from the mounting
post on the bracket.
Figure 6 Removing the AP
AP-90-MNT-W2 | Installation Guide
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