CH 205

Getting Started
CH 205
Starting Class
To turn the power on for the equipment, press the “Start Class” button on the AMX touch panel located on the
lectern. (If the screen is blank, touch the screen to wake up the system.) Pressing the “Start Class” button
starts the projector; turns on the LCD panels and sets the host computer as the input source. The touch panel
screen will display a screen that will say that the system is warming up and will display a countdown until the
system is ready. Please lower the screen with the switch on the wall located behind the lectern.
AMX Touch Panel
The following are the buttons you will see on the AMX touch panel located on the lectern:
• Screen: Selects the main screen as the display of the selected input source (will be GREEN if selected).
• Panels: Selects the LCD panels as the display of the selected input source (will be GREEN if selected).
• Note: The screen and LCD panels can be used independently of each other. To project a source to just the
screens, press the LCD button to de-select the panels (Button should change from GREEN to BLACK
when de-selected) and select the source that you would like to project on the screen.
The audio will play from the last source selected if you are displaying different sources on the screen and
the LCD panels.
Source Controls:
• Host PC: Selects the lectern’s computer. This is selected automatically when the system is started.
• Laptop: Selects a user-provided laptop that can be connected to the cables (video and audio) located on
the lectern. Internet connectivity is accessible for laptops only through UAB WiFi, which requires a
BlazerID and password.
• Document Camera: Selects the Document Camera. Make sure to turn on the power on the document
camera. All the lights on the documents cameras control panel should be BLUE.
• DVD: Selects the DVD player. All controls for the DVD player will appear in the middle section on the touch
panel. There will be a “Menu Control” button that will bring up a screen with navigation controls so that you
can access different portions of the DVD. Select the “Play Back Control” to return to the regular controls.
• VCR: Selects the VCR. All controls for the VCR player will appear on the touch panel.
Other Controls:
• Home: Clears the middle section of the touch panel.
• Help: Displays the phone number to call if you are having problems with the equipment in the room.
• Picture Mute: Displays a black screen from the projector and on the LCD panels so students will not see
image from source.
• Volume Up: Turns up the volume from the source. Note: see microphone controls below.
• Mute: Mutes the audio from the source.
• Volume Down: Turns down the volume from the source.
Podium Microphone: The podium microphone is always turned on. To adjust the volume, open the left door of
the lecture and turn the knob labeled “Podium” to the desired level.
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Wireless mic: The wireless mic pack is located in drawer on the right side of the podium. The power button for
the mic is located on the top of the unit. When the wireless mic pack is on, there will be a GREEN light. To
adjust the volume, open the left door of the lecture and turn the knob labeled “Wireless” to the desired level.
Please remember to turn the mic pack off to prevent running down the batteries when finished.
Other Notes
USB / Flash Drives: A cable is provided on the top of the lectern near the LCD monitor that may be used for
USB / Flash drives.
Volume: All volume is controlled by touch panel except for the microphones (see above section “Microphones”
for instructions for adjust the volume on the microphones).
For laptop users, a mini audio cable connected to system is provided, and is laid out on the right side of the
lectern for hook up to the mic port on your computer. Please be aware of the laptop’s volume setting.
Document Camera: After selecting the Document Camera from the AMX touch panel, make sure that you turn
on the power to the document camera. The lights on the front of the document camera should be BLUE. Also
note the Zoom, Bright (light/dark settings), and Freeze (which freezes the display image until button is hit
again) controls on the presenter.
For Transparencies there is a separate button located on the left edge of the transparency device on the top
of the document camera.
Please remember to turn the document camera off when you are finished using it.
Remote: In the drawer on the right side of the lectern there is a remote that will control PowerPoint
presentations. The remote has four (4) buttons: Forward, Back, a laser pointer and blank screen.
Lectern: The left door on the front of the lectern will remain unlocked for access to the computer’s CD drive,
DVD player and VCR.
Screen Controls: The screen can be lowered and raised by using the switch on the wall behind the lectern.
Ending Class
When you are finished using the room, press the “END CLASS” button on the AMX touch panel. A
confirmation screen will appear asking if you are sure that you want to power down the equipment. Press the
GREEN “!ABORT! Continue Class” button to continue using the system. To end the class, press the RED
“System Off” button. This will turn off the projector, LCD panels, DVD player and VCR.
Please make sure to log off the Host CPU that is in the lectern, raise the screen and that the document camera
is turned off (power button will turn from BLUE to RED.)
NOTE: Once the class has ended, the projector must cool down for two minutes. The system will not allow you
to restart until this cool down has completed.
If you have difficulties with the technology in the classroom, please contact Psychology IT Support at 975-0489
or 934-9969 if you are a Psychology instructor.
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