CA-URSI345C - RackSolutions IBM x345, x346, x365, x3650 Slide Rails c/w CMA
IBM x345, x346, x365, x3650 Slide Rails
This rail kit allows the specified IBM servers to be installed into most 4Post server racks. This rail kit is
available with or without a cable management arm. This version comes with a cable management arm
Fits 4Post, 2Post cabinets
Adjustable mounting depth of 22.5 - 31" (572 - 787 mm)
Supports upright shapes C, Z and other shapes
Fits square, round, threaded holes
2Post center mount requires additional P/N: CA-URS2P2U
2Post flush mount requires additional P/N: CA-URS4U3 Mounts up to 2 servers
Sliding rackmount for:
IBM x345
IBM x346
IBM x365
IBM x3650 M1
Rail OEM
IBM x345, x346, x365, x3650
NOTE: This kit does not work with the x3650 M2, x3850 (Call for support on these servers)
Rack Type
4Post server racks
2Post server racks using the 2POST-2UKIT
Rack Type
Hole Type
Compatible with the industry standard 3/8" (10 mm) square hole racks
Compatible with all standard round (non-threaded) holes
Compatible with all standard threads including 10-32, 12-24 and metric M6
Rail Type
Ball bearing slide rails
Rack Units
Mounting Depth
22.5" to 31" (610 mm to 787 mm)
19" to 34.5" (508 to 864 mm) with -EXT kit
Contact RackSolutions for solutions outside the listed depth range
Fully articulated cable management arm with Kit P/N: 2URAIL-IBM-345-CMA
12-24 pan head screws
12-24 cage nuts
10-32 pan head screws
10-32 cage nuts
Tech Notes
The 2URAIL-IBM-345 rail kit is compatible with the IBM cable management arm that comes with the server.
Therefore, a CMA is not included in the base kit. If you do not have the original IBM CMA, order the 2URAILIBM-345-CMA
Assembly Notes
Phillips head screwdriver required
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