Stereo CD Changer
9000 Rackmount Series
5-Disc programmable stereo CD
■ Discs may be changed even
while one is playing
■ 32-Selection (discs and/or
tracks) program capacity from 5
■ Multiple repeat modes for
continuous playback
■ Multiple random play modes
■ Combine modes for: 1-track
repeat, 1-disc repeat, all-discs
sequential repeat, 1-disc-at-atime random, all-discs random,
1-disc random repeat, all-discs
random repeat, all-program
repeat, all-program random or
all-program random repeat
■ Selectable auto-start play mode
when AC power applied,
allowing use with an external
scheduling timer
■ High precision 3-beam laser
tracking servo
■ 8 Times oversampling digital
■ High density 1-bit D/A converter
■ Rack mount (3 rack unit height)
CDC-9300 Shown
The CDC-9300 is a stereo, full- featured CD changer designed for permanent installation in commercial
and professional sound system
applications. Five CDs-(either standard compact-disc or mini-disc format) can be accommodated in the
drawer-style rotary carousel. Standard functions of disc selection, disc
skip, play, pause, forward skip/search
and backward skip/search are
supplemented by a wide range of advanced functions.
A program of up to 32 selections can
be defined, modified and played, with
a selection being either a single track
or all tracks from a specific disc. Three
Technical Specifications
Changer type
Drawer-style rotary carousel
Changer capacity
5 discs
Programmable number of selections
> 45 dB
Frequency response
THD @ 1 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio
Dynamic range
Digital filter
< 0.004%
> 96 dB
> 93 dB
8 times oversampling
1 bit (bitsream conversion)
Optical tracking
3 beam tracking servo; semiconductor AIGaAs 760-800 nm laser
Disc diameter
Compact disc – 43/4” (120 mm) or Mini-disc – 3 5/32” (80 mm)
Output level & type (stereo)
3/64” (1.2 mm)
2.0 V RMS; Unbalanced: Dual RCA jacksa
Power source
Power consumption
Power switch - front panel mounted
Dimensions (W x H x D)
track, one-disc or all-discs. The alldiscs repeat mode can also be used
during program play for a continuous
repetition of the programmed selections.
Two random play modes can be selected which will randomly play
unplayed tracks, either from one random disk at a time, or from random
disc/track combinations.
Disc intro plays the first 10 seconds of
the first track of each disc.
A bi-color fluorescent display panel
monitors CD changer activity, modes
and track information. Three time
modes can be displayed: elapsed
playing time of the current track or remaining playing time of either the current track or the current disc. A music
calendar displays the track currently
playing and the tracks remaining to
play on the current disc.
2 Hz to 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB)
D/A conversion
Disc thickness
repeat modes can be selected: one-
115/230 VAC @ 60/50 Hz
12 watts
Push on-push off with integral power LED
16 lbs (7.3 kg)
19” (482 mm) x 5 1/4” (132 mm) x 15” (381 mm)
a – Stereo patch cable with RCA plug ends included with changer
Stereo output connections are made
with dual RCA-type jacks.
The CDC-9300 is powered by 115 or
230 VAC, and will automatically start
play upon power-up if the timer switch
on the changer is set to play, allowing
use with an external scheduling timer.
The CD changer is packaged in a 51/
4” high triple-space rack-mount enclosure.
CDC-9300 Architectural and Engineering Specifications
The stereo CD (compact disc)
changer shall incorporate a 5-disc-capacity drawer-style rotary carousel,
shall provide basic functions including
disc selection, disc skip, play, pause
and forward and backward skip/
search and shall be capable of playing both compact discs and mini discs.
Program play shall allow playback of
a user-definable selection of up to 32
elements, an element being either a
single track or all tracks from a specific
Three repeat modes shall be selectable during play mode: single-track,
single-disc or all-discs, with the alldiscs repeat mode also available during program play mode.
Two random play modes shall randomly play tracks, with the one-disc
mode selecting the next random
unplayed disc only after all tracks on a
current disc are randomly played, and
the all-discs mode selecting an
unplayed random disc/track combination after each track. When used in
conjunction with program play, the
random play mode shall randomly
play tracks from amongst the programmed selections. The repeat
mode shall be usable with random
play modes, whether in regular or program play modes.
Disc intro shall play the initial 10 seconds from the first track of each disc.
A bi-color fluorescent display panel
shall display: disc status for each of
the five disc trays; mode status for program, random and repeat modes;
track number; time (elapsed playing
time of current track or remaining playing time of current track or disc); and
both the current and remaining tracks
to be played.
The timer switch, when in the play position, shall automatically initiate the
play mode upon application of AC
power, allowing use with an external
scheduling timer.
RCA-type jack.
The CD changer shall meet the following performance criteria:
Frequency response shall be from 20
Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.5 dB; total harmonic
distortion shall be less than 0.004%;
signal-to-noise ratio shall exceed 96
dB; and dynamic range shall exceed
93 dB.
The CD changer shall measure 19"
(482 mm) width x 5.25" (132 mm)
height x 15" (380 mm) depth, and incorporate provisions for 19" rack
mounting. The power source shall be
115/230 VAC and shall be controlled
from a front-panel mounted push-on/
push-off switch.
The stereo CD changer shall be an Inter M model CDC-9300.
The stereo output shall be unbalanced, and connections shall be by
CDC-9300 Front & Rear Views
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