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San Diego County Library
Wireless Network FAQ
Welcome to the San Diego County Library (SDCL) Wireless Network! You can
access the Internet using your wireless-enabled laptop computer or other device.
This capability is easy to use and provides access to the Internet while you are in
the library.
Frequently Asked Questions about the SDCL Wireless Network:
Q- Does My Laptop Need Anything Special to Access the Library Network?
A- Your laptop must be enabled for wireless use. To access the network, your
laptop or PDA must have a wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) installed. These
cards are available for purchase from several manufacturers at many computer
stores. Your laptop computer or PDA equipped with a wireless network card, must
support either the 802.11a/b/g/n standard wireless protocol. The library wireless
system will not operate with Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth is designed for
low power, short distance peripheral devices that typically communicate with
computers and telephones.
Q- Can the library help me connect to the wireless network?
A- You are responsible for configuring you own equipment. All computers are
different, and the library is unable to provide assistance in configuring your
computer. The documentation that came with your computer or wireless card may
have helpful information. The manufacturer of your computer or wireless card may
offer support services to help you.
Q-My laptop is detecting multiple wireless channels named “County Library”. How
can I be sure I’m connected to the correct one?
A- The Library Wireless Network’s SSID is: “SD_CO_LIBRARY”. It is
recommended that customers set their wireless device to automatically detect and
connect to the “SD_CO_LIBRARY” wireless network. To associate to the wireless
access point, go to your wireless settings on your device and connect to
Q-Is there anti-virus software on the wireless network?
A-Users of the library wireless network are encouraged to install one of the many
commercially available anti-virus programs on their own laptop. Anti-virus support
is not provided by the County Of San Diego Library wireless network.
SDCL: rev. 9/14/2011
Q-Can I access the same sites I use from home or work using the library’s
A- Only web browsing is supported on the library network. Not all sites, nor all
servers will be available through the library’s wireless service. If the site or
service you are trying to access requires an unusual port number or access through
the county firewall, it may not work. Services other than http/https such as
telnet, FTP, secure shell, outgoing SMTP mail, etc., are not supported. It is
recommended that enterprise mail be accessed via webmail to avoid port blocking.
Some sites and services may also be filtered by Websense for content filtering.
Q-Is the Wireless Network Filtered?
A- Like the public-use computers provided within the Library, content on the SDCL
wireless network is filtered by WebSense filtering software. Please refer to the
San Diego County Library Internet policy for further information.
Q-Is the network secure?
A- Information sent to and from your computer is unencrypted and not protected
while using the library wireless network. Use the CoSD wireless Internet at your
own discretion. Care should be taken when accessing sites that may require
passwords and user IDs. Some Web pages may provide their own encryption. By
using this connection, customers acknowledge that security errors and hacking are
an inherent risk associated with any public wireless service, and agree they
knowingly assume such risk.
Q-Can I print while using the wireless network?
A- The library does not offer printing while using the wireless network. We
suggest that you save any pages to disk that you may wish to print later, or you can
email the information to yourself. Printing is available on the public use computers
provided within the library.
Q-Can I download large files over the wireless network?
A- The wireless network bandwidth is limited and shared by all other users of the
library network. Audio and video streaming and downloading large files will affect
the response times and download speeds for all customers.
Q-How Many Wireless Users Can Access the Wireless Network at One Time?
A- The library wireless network is currently limited to 30 simultaneous users. This
is to ensure the best response time. The simultaneous user limit includes devices
such as laptops, Smartphone’s, PDA’s, tablets, etc.
SDCL: rev. 9/14/2011
Instructions for use:
Make sure your laptop has a wireless Network Interface Card.
Using your mouse pad, right click on the wireless icon at the bottom-right of
your desktop toolbar.
Select “View Available Wireless Networks”
Double left click on the “SD_CO_LIBRARY” network entry. You computer
will automatically connect to the network. Note: You may see other
networks listed. Only the “SD_CO_LIBRARY” network is provided and
administered by the San Diego County Library.
Launch your Internet browser and start surfing!
Access Issues?
In the event that you may encounter issues with the library wireless service,
please consult with library staff to report your problem. In order for the
library staff to assist in reporting an issue, please be prepared to provide
the following information:
The date and time the event occurred. Please be as precise as possible
Type of problem?
 Connectivity – Are you a having problem connecting to wireless
 Slowness – Are you experiencing unusual response times?
 Web page blocked – Please describe block message displayed.
What function were you performing?
 Browsing – Please provide url, link, or web address.
 Downloads (Movie/video/music/software) – Please provide link, web
address, or file location and size.
SDCL: rev. 9/14/2011
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