Web Cam User Guide

Web Cam User Guide
One of the best features of the N4100+ is its nearly unlimited expandability through
modules. With new modules, users can extend what the N4100+ can do. In this guide,
you will learn now to install and use Thecus’ latest module: Web Cam Surveillance.
With it, you can use the N4100+ as a Web Cam server.
With firmware version 2.0.05 or above, you can install the Web Cam module via
System > Module Mgmt. See the figure below for reference.
Next, install the Web Cam module. You can get it either from the Thecus web site
(http://www.thecus.com) or on the CD included with the package.
Next, click Browse locate the module file. Then click Install to complete the Web
Cam module installation.
Once installation is successful, the module will be displayed in the Module
Management window:
To activate the Web Cam module, tick the check box and then click Enable. See the
figure below for reference:
The figure below shows the status of Web Cam module after installation:
To start setting up the Web Cam function, it can be performed either via the module
management UI or through the main menu tree under the Status category if the Web
Cam module is set to “Enable”. If the Web Cam module set to “Disable”, then it won’t
appear in menu tree. Please refer the figure below:
Double click to execute
After the Web Cam module is executed, you will see the Web Camera window appear
as below:
From the Web Camera window, you can click the Preview button to view the image
from the Web Cam before setting up the recording schedule if you wish.
Picture quality may vary due to the number of different USB Web
Cams on market with varying hardware components.
Once you are happy with the Web Cam preview, your can select the resolution you
want. There are 3 different choices:
Use the drop down to select the desired recording interval.
Click Apply to save your changes.
After finishing with the basic settings, we need to now configure the capture schedule.
To do this, begin by activating the schedule function by selecting Enable in the Web
Camera Schedule window.
Next, select time slot you want to record through the Web Cam.
If Always is selected, it will start to record right away and will not stop until the Web
Camera Schedule is set to Disabled.
Alternatively, you can schedule the Web Cam to capture daily or hourly. Take a look
at the example below. It will record every Monday and Tuesday from 2:00 – 6:00 and
from 20:00 – 22:00.
One important point worth mentioning is how captured picture is stored. The folder
where captured images are stored is the Video system folder, which is associated with
the system-created Web Cam sub folder. See the figure below for reference:
The Web Cam will capture images according to the designated schedule. The files will
be stored using following path:
Video + Webcam + date + hour (path)Æ filename.jpg
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