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Product: DNS-320
How to perform Hard-disk migration from Non-RAID to RAID 1
Important note:
Users are advised to backup their data before performing non-RAID to RAID 1 migration.
Insert your new Hard-disk and power-up DNS-320.
Launch your Internet browser and access the Web configuration page.
Log-in using admin account.
Product: DNS-320
Go to “Management” -> “Disk Management” -> “Hard Drive Configuration”.
Select on “Format the new drive on Standard type”.
Product: DNS-320
Click on “Next”.
Product: DNS-320
Ensure that the newly inserted Hard-disk is detected by DNS-320 and indicated as shown
Click on the checkbox “Reconfigure to RAID 1” and proceed.
Product: DNS-320
Select “Enable Auto-Rebuild” and proceed.
Proceed after the warning message appears.
Product: DNS-320
Newly inserted Hard-disk will be initialized and formatted. This will take a while.
A brief summary will be shown after the Hard-disk is formatted.
Product: DNS-320
DNS-320 will proceed to perform data-syncing automatically if “Enable Auto-Rebuild” is
Once data-syncing is completed, user can proceed to “Management” -> “System Status” ->
“System info” to verify that both Hard-disks are now in RAID 1 configuration as shown above.
Product: DNS-320
User can do a quick check to ensure all data are still intact.
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