The Ultimate Bluetooth DGPS Mapping Solution

The Ultimate Bluetooth™ DGPS Mapping Solution
SXBlue Mapper L
Yuma & C4
The SXBlue Mapper series combines into one GPS mapping product:
• The unique features and outstanding performance of the SXBlue II GPS™
• The ruggedness of the Yuma™ UMPC or the iX104C4 Tablet PC
• The flexibility of your data collection software
... all in a cable-free Bluetooth™ environment
Suitable for
The SXBlue II GPS is a Bluetooth GPS/SBAS receiver with the
following unique features:
• 30-60 cm (1-2 feet) accuracy in realtime with SBAS signals
(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, and compatible)
• Unique field proven technology maintains submeter accuracy
for the next 45 minutes after the loss of differential correction
• Uses SBAS to full potential for an all-day DGPS solution
• No need to post-process even in forestry applications with
suitable SBAS coverage
• Works DGPS under trees like no other GPS/SBAS receiver
• Bluetooth technology for a cable free link to any PDA or
• Unique Multiport interface: Bluetooth, USB and Serial
• Integrated battery pack for long 10+ hour autonomy
• Ultra-rugged, waterproof, compact and lightweight
• Forestry and Natural Resources
• Agriculture
• Municipalities and Public Works
• Mining and Mineral Exploration
• Water and Electric Utilities
• Environment
Precision GPS Receiver
The Yuma and iX104C4
Portable Computers
The Yuma (Ultra Mobile PC) and the iX104C4 (Tablet PC) are ultrarugged portable computers for the most demanding mobile
• Built tough with drop shock-resistant design
• Waterproof
• Low operating temperature
• Direct sunlight readable screens
• Windows XP or Vista Operating System
Key Features and Benefits
SXBlue Mapper series
The SXBlue Mapper series offers the following benefits:
• A modular, non-integrated, DGPS solution
• Freedom to follow the pace with fast evolving computer/software
• A long term investment
• No intermediate post-processing software needed
• Submeter accuracy directly from the field to your GIS or Server
• The ideal realtime solution for Mobile GIS applications
• Compatible with any off-the-shelf GPS Software
• Field upgradeable to cm-level (RTK and/or post-processed)
Any GPS Application
Included Accessories
SXBlue Mapper Yuma & C4
• SXBlue II GPS, Integrated battery pack, Charger,
Precision antenna, 1.5m Antenna Cable, Nylon
carrying case Softhat for antenna, USB and RS232 Cables, Manual and Utilities on CD-ROM
• Yuma UMPC or iX104C4 Tablet PC with integrated
Bluetooth, Standard Batteries, Charger, Stylus
Pen, Nylon Carrying Case, and Standard
GPS Sensor
• Receiver Type: • Channels: • SBAS Support: • Update Rate: • DGPS Horizontal Accuracy: (SBAS)
• Horizontal Accuracy: (Autonomous)
• Optional Proprietary RTCM: • Optional L1 RTK: L1, C/A code, with carrier phase
12-channel, parallel tracking
2-channel, parallel tracking WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and compatible
2Hz default, optional 10 and 20Hz
< 60cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence 1
< 30cm HRMS, < 25cm CEP)
< 2.5m 2dRMS, 95% confidence
(autonomous, no SA) 2
< 30cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence 3
< 2cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence 3
• Ports: • Bluetooth Transmission: • Baud Rates: • Data I/O Protocol: • Raw Measurement Data: • Correction I/O Protocol: • GPS Status LED: • Battery Status LED: Bluetooth, RS-232C, USB 2.0
Class 1, 250m typical range 4
4800 to 57600
NMEA 183, Binary
Proprietary binary (Free RINEX utility)
RTCM SC-104, Optional Proprietary format
Power, GPS lock, DGPS position, DIFF lock,
5 LEDs bar graph
• Battery type: • Battery Capacity: • Charging Time: Field replaceable Lithium-Ion pack
(Rechargeable in unit)
3,900mAh. 7.2V
(Average autonomy: 10+ hours)
4-5 hours (with supplied charger)
• Operating Temperature: • Compliance: Mechanical
• Enclosure Material: • Enclosure Rating: • Immersion: • Enclosure Dimensions: • Weight: • Data Connectors: • Antenna Connector: Antenna
• Dimensions : • Weight (without cable): • Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) 5
FCC, CE, RoHS and Lead-free
Re-enforced Nylon
Waterproof, IP-67
30cm, 30 minutes
14.1 x 8.0 x 4.7 cm (5.57 x 3.15 x 1.85 in.)
464g (1.02 lbs)
DB-9 Female, USB Type B Female
SMA Female
5.5 diam. x 2.2 cm (2.16 x .87 in.)
79g (.17 lb)
-55°C to +85°C (-67°F to +185 °F)
1. Depends on multipath environment, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry, baseline length
(for local services) and
ionospheric activities
2. Depends on multipath environment, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry and ionospheric
3. Option required on both base and rover. Also requires communication link between base and rover
4. Transmission in free space
5. Lithium-Ion battery performance degrades below -20° C (-4°F)
Yuma and C4
SXBlue Mapper Model
Processor / Speed
Hard Disk
Operating System
Input / Output
Intel Atom 1.6GHz
Intel U2500 1.2GHz Dual Core
1GB DDR2 (optional 2GB)
32GB Solid State
120GB IDE HDD w/Heater (Optional 32GB Solid State)
7” Widescreen 1024x600 WSVGA
650nit Sunlight readable
10.4” XGA TFT 1024x768 Digitizer
(Optional Dual-Mode)
AllVue™ Xtreme (award winning)
Windows Vista
Windows XP Pro or Vista
2 x USB 2.0, 1 x 9-pin Serial RS-232
SDIO memory slot, ExpressCard 34mm slot
2 x USB 2.0, 1 x 9-pin Serial RS-232/422/485
LAN (RJ-45) 10/100/1000 Mbit,
1 x accessible PCMCIA bay
1 x mini-PCI Express OEM radio bay
802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Integrated Features
2MP Front Integrated SiRF III Chipset
Battery / Autonomy
Standard dual 2.6Ah / 4 hours
Optional dual 5.1Ah / 8 hours
Standard 5.7Ah / 3.5 hours
Optional 7.6Ah / 4.5 hours
-30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
IP-67, MIL-STD 810F
IP-65, MIL-STD 810F
23cm x 14cm x 5cm
(9.0in x 5.5in x 2.0in)
28.4cm x 20.9cm x 4.0cm
(11.2in x 8.2in x 1.6in)
1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
2.27 kg (5.0 lbs)
Operating Temperature
Weight (Standard Batteries)
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