eBridge100TM - Ethernet over Coax/Cat5e

eBridge100TM - Ethernet over Coax/Cat5e
Transceiver for Extended Distances
Rev. DSeBridge100TM_07222015
eBridge100TM Ethernet over Coax/CAT5e Transceiver transmits full duplex
data at 100mbps and pass PoE compliant power over coax 304m, or CAT5e
cable up to 500m without repeaters. The transceiver requires an eBridge100RM,
eBridge400PCRM, eBridge800PCRM, or eBridge1600PCRM receiver. These
adapters, along with the connected IP camera, edge device, abd receiver are
powered by virtually any midspan or endspan. Remote management functions
such as edge device reset, monitoring real-time current draw and port status are
possible when coupled with an Altronix NetWay8M/16M Midspan.
LED Indicators (cont’d):
Agency Listings:
• UL/CUL Listed for Information
Technology Equipment (UL 60950-1).
• CE approved.
• C-Tick compliant.
Yellow and Green LED (RJ45) IP Link status,
• Powered by eBridge100RM, eBridge400PCRM,
eBridge800PCRM, or eBridge1600PCRM.
PoE compliant to IEEE 802.3af (15W) and
PoE+ compliant to IEEE 802.3at (30W).
• Operating Temperature:
--- 4ºF to 120.2ºF (-- 20ºC to +49ºC).
• Storage Temperature: -- 4º to 158ºF (--- 20º to 70ºC).
• Relative humidity: 85%, +/--- 5%, non-condensing.
• Operating Altitude: -- 1000 to 6,561.679 ft.
(-- 304.8 to 2000m).
• Connectivity: RJ45, auto-crossover.
• Wire type: 4-pair CAT5e cable.
•Speed: 10/100BaseT, half/full duplex,
auto negotiation.
PoE compliant to IEEE 802.3af (15W) and
PoE+ compliant to IEEE 802.3at (30W).
The eBridge100TM transceiver passes power over
CAT5e cable to the camera/edge device.
• Throughput is rated to pass 100mbps of data.
• Auto detection and protection of legacy
non-PoE cameras/devices.
Input eBridge100RM:
Coax to Receiver:
• Distance: up to 304m.
• Connectivity: BNC, RG-59/U or similar.
• Replace legacy analog products with new IP devices
over existing coax or CAT5e cable.
• Works with Megapixel, HD720, HD1080 and VGA
(SD) cameras.
• Extend Network link distance in an industrial
• Upgrade deployed CCTV Coax to a digital network
in Retail, Casinos, Airports, Schools, Hospitals, etc.
CAT5e or Higher to Receiver:
• Distance: up to 500m.
LED Indicators:
Yellow - PoE ON (by respective RJ45 jack).
• Dimensions (W x L x H approx.):
3.5” x 3.5” x 1” (88.89mm x 88.89mm x 25.4mm)
• Product weight : 0.25 lbs. (0.11 kg).
• Shipping weight: 0.42 lbs. (0.19 kg).
Agency Approvals
UL/CUL Listed for Information
Technology Equipment (UL 60950-1).
European Conformity
C-Tick Compliant
eBridge Plus Receiver / eBridge Plus Transceiver Compatibility:
Ethernet and Power over Coax Solutions.
Transceiver (eBridge100TM)
Single Port
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4, 8 or 16 Port
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