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Digital Servo
What's so special about the Digital SelVo-10 subwoofer technology that the world's most
revered reviewers have said things like the ''... (It) improves bass reproduction as
much as the jet engine improved air triNel" and have awarded it "The Best
SulNloofer Technology'? The answer can be found in Dr. John Johnson, Jr.'s
statement that it "corrects the biggest problem we have in low frequencies for our
home theaters, those dips and peaks." The DS-10 is one of the most sophisticated
systems in the world for delivering accurate, powerful bass to your listening position,
only surpassed by Velodyne's Dig~al Drive"'" subwcofers.
• Small cabinet dimensions
• An intuitive, LED front panel display
• One-button Self-EO for a-band room equalization
• Customizable listening mode presets and Night-mode
• Advanced Auto-EO and Manual-EO options
Stealth Size that Showers You with Powerful Bass
It may seem like magic that the DS-10, designed as small as physically possible, can de~ver musical accuracy and visceral, ultra-low bass that you
actually feel. The Dig~al Servo-1 0 truly raises the standards by which subwoofers are measured to a neIN level. Heck, if all you did was open the box
and plug in the DS-10, it would be king of the mountain in the subwoofer world. You can tuck your utility-finished DS-10 into a comer, or cabinet,
but you might be tempted to show off this classic satin black finish along w~h its big bass sound.
An Easy and Elegant Solution to Room-induced Bass "Dips and Peaks"
A critical factor that dramatically affects a subwoofer's performance is how the room's shape, size, and appoinbnents impact the reproduction of
bass frequencies. All rooms create anomalies in the subwoofer's frequency response and can vureak havoc on the interaction between the subwoofer
and the main speakers. Often, overcoming this phenomenon requires extensive additional technology, learning and time on your part to understand
and correct. The good nelNs is that thanks to the Digital SelVo-10's Digital Drive'" room management technology getting the best performance at your
listening position no longer demands an engineering degree. Just place the included microphone at your listening position and press the remote's EO
button. The DS-10 subwoofer does the rest as ~ automatically corrects for bass interactions caused by its pos~ion and the room itself using its eight
bands of EO. It's that easy!
Advance Your Bass Equalization
If you want to embrace your inner engineer and further improve the bass to your liking, you can use the Auto-EO and Manual-EO capabil~ies. Just
follow along in the olMler's manual that gives you the know how to tweak the EO filters and adjust other audio parameters. Being in charge of great
bass has never been this easy.
Digital SenD DS-l 0
Low Distortion Equals Great Sound
A major challenge to accurate subwoofer performance is overcoming shockingly high levels of distortion (as much as 30%) that make most
subwoofers muddy, boomy, and lacking in definition and clarity, especially at higher playback levels. Velodyne's exclusive digital accelerometerbased Digital High Gain Servo technology lowers distortion at all frequencies, allowing the DS-10 to exhibit less than 1%distortion during playback.
Control YourSubwoofer - See & Hear Instantaneous Results
Remote controls are convenient, but not if you can't tell what setting you changed and by how much. So, the DS-10's intuitive, interactive display
informs you immediately what remote control commands you are sending to your subwoofer. The DS-10 comes with a remote control and with
factory presets for different music sources and movies. Change a preset to maximize your subwoofer for music, movies or games, switch to the
neighbor-friendly "Night" mode, adjust the crossover, or simply change the volume and the front panel LED display responds to verify your command.
In-the-Box Bass Goodness
And unlike subwoofers from other companies, the Digital SeIVo-1 0 ships with a calibrated microphone, cables, built-in signal generator, and remote
control- everything you need to enjoy bold, bass goodness right in the box!
Finest Components for Superb, Lasting Performance
Like a winemaker hand-picking the perfect mixture of the best grapes to make an award-winning wine, Velodyne engineers selected the optimum
combination of the finest components to make the DS-1 0 an awesome sounding subwoofer that stands the test of time. Some ot the elite
components of the DS-10 include:
A 1250 watt RMA (300 watts Dynamic Power) 97%efficien~ patented Class-D amplifier
Velodyne's Digital High Gain SelVo System that corrects cone movement almost 16,000 times per second to lower distortion well
below audible levels (less than 104
A high-speed DSP processor for hming and control
An ultra-stiff Kevlar-reinforced cone
A proprietary 3" dual-tandem, multi-layer voice coil
A massive 19.3Ib. magnet structure
A die-cast aluminum basket
A braced cabinet with a furniture grade satin black finish
Class 'D' Amplifier
Frequercy Response
Hi!l'l-P [ill Cross CN er
Low-Pass Crossover
10' foward firing (8 ' pslon diamele~
XOJ walls Crynamic. 125<] walls RMS power
18 - 120 Hz +f-3 dB
Subsonic Filter
15 - 35 Hz (1 Hz ill:rements) selectat)e sl'1les
Default 15 Hz @24dB!octave
0- ISO degrees (15 degree ill:remenls)
Adjmlable (+!-)
310 oz. (19,3Ibs)
Tandem3-i ll:h pmrt-pull
Kevlar-reinfon:ed resin
Mlgnet Stl"l.£lure
Voil Coil
SO' Hz @6dBfoclwe
15 - 199 Hz (1 Hz ill:rements) selectable sl'1les
Default SO Hz@24dB!octave
LFE (f.-b no)
Line Level (RCA). No lTi nallmpedall:e 47K
Bal81l:ed (XlR). Nominallmpeda~e 10K
Line Level (RCA)
Balall:ed (mini XlR cable ill:ludedl
Bare wire. banana plugs. or spooe lugs
Input O-&R)
Speaker Level (L&R)
Thru (L&R)
Line Level (RCA)
Output (L&R)
Line Level (RCN
Line level (RCN for Tesl SignalllR and Video (cables ill:luded)
EO Outpul
Ill:luded Aexess m es
Full feature remote control. Di !}tal Drive Axess ory Kit
Cabinel (HxWxD ) (ircludiru foot) 11.75' x 11.75" x 135' PJcm x 30cmx34cm)
Three )l3 ars (ej octron(:'3). Frve years (drivers)
WalTanty (parts~ abor)
Shipping Weight (Approx)
571bs . (26 Kg)
Satin Block
'Note. Varyi!")} speaker am amp/ifiar i!"put load imtyJdances may came too tirjJ-pass crcssover freqJ€rcy to s/iqh~y vary
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""'" 2011
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