Philips SWA6713/10 User manual

Philips SWA6713/10 User manual
Stereo audio cable
3.0 m
Enjoy the ultimate listening experience
with this stereo audio cable
Take your components to optimum performance. This top-of-the-range cable offers the
best connection for transferring audio signals between components.
Enjoy better audio quality
• 99.97% Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)
• Split centre pin for better signal transfer
Protects against signal loss
• 100% aluminium shielding
• Copper-braided shielding
• Foam Polyethylene (FPE) Dielectric
Easy installation
• Colour-coded connectors for instant recognition
• Non-slip ergonomic grip for easy use
• Plug and play for easy use
Enjoy extended durability
• Heavy-duty brass shell for extended durability
• Super pliable jackets for outstanding flexibility
• Reliable metal strain relief
Stereo audio cable
3.0 m
Packaging Data
Quantity: 1
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 87 10895 99362 3
Gross weight: 0.58 kg
Tare weight: 0.01 kg
Net weight: 0.57 kg
Length: 285 mm
Width: 200 mm
Height: 90 mm
Inner Carton
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 87 10895 99363 0
Quantity: 2
Gross weight: 1.38 kg
Tare weight: 0.2 kg
Net weight: 1.18 kg
Length (cm): 31.5 cm
Width (cm): 15 cm
Height (cm): 21 cm
Outer Carton
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 87 10895 99364 7
Quantity: 4
Gross weight: 3.4 kg
Tare weight: 2.72 kg
Net weight: 0.68 kg
Length (cm): 33 cm
Width (cm): 32.5 cm
Height (cm): 23.5 cm
99.97% OFC Solid Conductor
99.97% Oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable core
provides optimum signal quality.
Split centre pin
The split centre pin allows for better signal transfer
and an improved connection to the component
100% aluminium shielding
This protective layer of aluminium guards against
electromagnetic interference for improved signal
Copper-braided shielding
This protective layer of copper blocks radio
frequency interference for improved signal quality.
FPE Dielectric
Foam Polyethylene (FPE) dielectric is a superior
insulation material that protects against signal loss.
Colour-coded connectors
Colour-coded connections make it easy to install
your cable into the correct inputs and outputs
Easy grip
This non-slip grip makes connecting your
components easy and ergonomically comfortable.
Plug and play
Plug and play offers easy installation of components
without time-consuming installations.
Heavy-duty brass shell
The heavy-duty brass shell protects the internal
connection of the cable. It ensures durability and the
reliability of your connection.
Super pliable jackets
Super pliable PVC jackets are abrasion-resistant for
outstanding flexibility and protection against
everyday wear and tear.
Metal strain relief
Full metal connector ensures extended durability by
preventing damage during use and installation.
Issue date 2009-08-05
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12 NC: 9082 100 09735
EAN: 87 10895 99362 3
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