134.2Khz ISO11784/11785 RFID reader/writer with USB interface
T5567 RFID Reader/Writer
Writer Program User Guide
USB driver installation
Remarks :
Don’t connect the USB reader with the PC when running below auto USB driver
[1] insert the USB driver disk to CD-ROM :
run the auto setup program from the following path :
cd-rom drive :\USB To Virtual Com driver\CP210x_VCP_Win2K_XP_S2K3.exe
windows OS support : 2000 , XP , Vista & 2003 server
[2] After driver installation Æ connect the USB reader to the PC’s USB port with a USB
cable .
Then the PC will find the reader and install the “USB to UART Bridge” driver automatically.
[3] After installation successfully , you will find “CP210xUSB to UART Bridge Controller
(Com3)” as follow message from the control panel/system/hardware/device
manager/port(COM & LPT) .
(may be see other COM port #, not the COM3 which is depend on your PC’s hardware
ISO11784 EM4305 Demo Program - user guide
Setup connection
[1] Make sure the USB driver installation successfully
[2] copy full directory from the CD path :\ISO11784\demo program to your local PC
[3] run the demo program from the path :\ISO11784\demo program\EM4305 Demo.exe
[4] select a suitable “Com Port” No.
If fails , Pls check or re-install the “USB to Serial” driver again.
How to read/write ISO11784/11785 data format
[1] put the EM4205/EM4305 ear tag on the reader
[2] enter ISO11784/11785 data , then click on “write”
[3] Click on “Read” to read data
How to read and write internal memory data
[1] click on “Bi-phase RF/32”
[2] put the EM4205/EM4305 tag on the reader
[3] Refer to below memory map , input the memory address and data
[4] click on “Write ” to write the data to the specify memory address
[5] click on “Read” to read the data from the specify memory address
Below is the memory Map
How to login by password
Default password is 00000000.
Input “New Password” then click on “Write” to change the password
How to set the protection bits
Tick to select which word is needed for protection
click on “Set protection Bits” to save
click on “Read protection Bits” to read the protection bit status
How to set configuration word
Refer to EM4205 / EM4305 datasheet in detail operation
T5567 Reader/writer Demo program user guide
[1] copy full directory from the CD path :\T5567\demo program to your local PC
remake : The demo program can not be run from CD directly
[2] run the program from the path :\T5567\demo program\rfid.exe
Port :
select correct virtual com port No.
Card : No Function for this model
: this icon No Function
BLOCK : Block 1 T0 Block 7 (7 x 32 bit data memory) – Refer to T55x7 datasheet in detail
T55x7 Function : Pls refer to T55x7 datasheet for the application in detail
OPCODE : 4 mode selection – 00, 10, 01 & 11
LOCK : 0 – unlock / 1 - lock
Block : select Block 1 to 7
Password : entry password
Pls refer to T55x7 datasheet for the application in detail
125K EM4100 ID programmer user guide
[1] run the program from the path :\T5567\ID programmer\ID programmer.exe
[2] select the correct “com port” and click on “connect”
How to duplicate a EM4100 or compatible card
[1] select “Read and Write” and place the original EM4100 card on the reader
[2] click on “Read” and card’s ID will be shown here
[3] take away the original EM4100 card and put a “T5567” card on the reader
[4] click on “Write” and “Write success” message will show if write success
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