Helping Attendees Get Started for Webinars

Helping Attendees Get
Started for Webinars
eFile Support – Basic QRG
System Requirements
Operating system
Windows 7 or later
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 RT or later
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
Web Browser
Google Chrome v39 or later
Mozilla Firefox v34 or later
Internet Explorer v9 or later
Apple Safari v6 or later
Internet connection
1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended) Software
GoToWebinar desktop app
JavaScript enabled
2GB or more of RAM
Microphone and speakers (USB headset recommended**) if unmuted by the organizer
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Register for a Session
To attend a session, you'll first need to register using the Registration URL in your email invitation.
After you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with information on how to join the session
when it's time.
1. Click the Registration URL in your invitation email.
2. Fill out all required fields in the registration form and click Register.
3. Once you've successfully registered, you'll see a Registration Confirmation page.
• If the organizer sets up automatic approval, you'll immediately receive a confirmation email with
information on how to join the session.
• If the organizer sets up manual approval, the organizer must first approve your registration before
you'll receive a confirmation email.
4. When it's time for the session, just click the Join URL in your confirmation email. Don't share the
Join URL with anyone – it's unique to you.
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Join a Session
Join a session from your invitation email
1. Open the calendar invitation you received from the organizer.
2. Click the Join URL when it's time to start.
3. If you're on a desktop computer, you may need to first download the Citrix Online Launcher file to launch
the session. If you already have the app installed on your desktop, you can join by clicking the daisy icon. If
you're joining a meeting or webinar, you can download the GoToMeeting app for Android or iOS and join from
your mobile device.
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Before a session
1. To test your connection from a computer or mobile device, join the test session using the following URL:
2. You will automatically be launched into session.
 Desktop users – If you have not yet installed the GoToWebinar desktop application, the download will
automatically begin. See Install on Windows or Install on Mac for more information.
 Mobile users – If you have not yet installed the GoToWebinar app, you will be directed to the app store to
download it.
3. If you see a "Waiting for Organizer" message, you've successfully joined the test session. You should be
able to join GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining sessions from this computer. Close the "Waiting for
Organizer" dialog to exit the test session.
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Control Panel
When you first join a session, the Control Panel appears on the right side of your screen. Use the Control Panel
to manage your session. To free up space on your desktop, you can collapse the Control Panel and use the
Grab Tab to continue to manage your session.
• Grab Tab: From the Grab Tab, you can hide the Control Panel, mute yourself (if you have been unmuted by the
organizer), view the webinar in full screen and raise your hand.
• Audio Pane: Use the Audio pane to switch between Telephone and Mic & Speakers.
• Questions Pane: Ask questions for the staff.
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Audio – Setting and Options
Once you have joined the online portion of the session, audio information is provided in the Audio pane of the Control Panel.You will either be
able to join the audio portion via telephone, VoIP and/or both. You can select your preference in the Audio pane of your Control Panel.
The user can go to to test their computer before getting started.
Use your telephone
You can dial in using the telephone number and access code. Enter the Audio PIN if provided.
Use VoIP
• You can also use your computer's mic and speakers. For optimum sound quality, a headset is recommended, preferably a USB headset for
ease of use.
• If using a microphone, it should be a distance of at least 1.5 feet away from any speakers that are built in to or connected to your computer.
• Using your webcam’s microphone is not recommended.
Mute your audio
• You can mute/unmute your audio from your Control Panel by clicking the microphone icon or telephone icon .
• If you dialed in to the audio conference via telephone, you must enter your Audio PIN before you or the organizer can mute you.
Know who's speaking
• The bottom of the Audio Pane and Viewer will indicate who's speaking. If you entered the Audio PIN when dialed in by phone, other
attendees will see your name when you are speaking.
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If you have any questions during a webinar, you can enter your questions into the Questions pane
for the organizer or panelists to answer.
1. Type your question into the Questions pane and click Send.
The organizer can choose to answer the question themselves or to assign the question to panelists
to answer.
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End a Session
You can leave a session at any time.
Leave a session
Click File from the Control Panel and select Exit – Leave Webinar.
-orClick the Exit icon in the Control Panel, Viewer or webcam. > Select Yes in the
dialog box.
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