TVU Receiver TR2700

TVU Receiver
Centralized Monitoring and Control for all
TVU Transmissions
TVU Receiver TR2700 is a companion decoder for all TVU transmitters to monitor all
aspects of a live transmission, including bit-rate and latency. TVU TR2700 gives
broadcasters complete control over TVU transmitters and modem cards.
Intuitive User-Friendly Interface – TVU Receivers display the video feed from all
live paired TVU transmitters on any standard monitor. Users can control each paired
transmitter from the receiver end, including stopping and starting in-field
transmissions directly from the studio. The receiver interface also displays audio
levels, error rate, line quality and other key data for each active transmitter and
enables the studio technician to make real-time adjustments to the transmission
based on the data.
Optimize Transmission Quality – TVU Receivers enable users to choose between
several different default modes to automatically set the optimal bit rate and latency
based on the conditions of each transmission. Alternatively, users can manually
adjust target bit rate and latency settings for each individual TVU transmitter, giving
broadcast stations fine grained control over each transmission in real time to ensure
superior picture quality.
Monitor Signal Strength for Each Connection – The TVU Receiver’s interface
enables users to see the current status of all connected 3G/4G/LTE data cards, WiFi
connections, satellite or microwave links for each TVUPack. Users can enable or
disable each connection directly from the receiver interface.
View and Retrieve Archive Footage Directly from the TVU One Transmitter –
TVU Receivers provide extensive control for viewing, selecting and downloading video
footage recorded on the TVU One’s solid state hard drive. With the receiver interface,
users can preview any archived video footage from a live TVU One, edit the precise
video frames required, and download them directly to the receiver’s hard drive for
editing with the click of a mouse.
IFB – Add the optional IFB functionality to speak with a remote camera operator
using the TVU One transmitter. Users can provide audio instructions directly to the
camera operator while viewing the live streaming footage and monitoring the
transmitter’s connection status.
GPS Locator – Pinpoint exactly where one or all of your TVU transmitters are located
when you have multiple transmitters in the field covering a breaking news story. With
one click of a button, the TVU Receiver connects to an online map and pinpoints
precisely where a TVU transmitter is located anywhere in the world. Use the optional
IFB function to direct the TVU One
operator to a specific location.
Automatic Download of Recorded Content – With the TVU LiveSync feature, the
recorded video from a TVU One transmitter live shot is automatically uploaded to the
TVU Receiver, providing a pristine transfer of the captured video segment.
TVU Grid Compatible- Users have the option to upgrade their TVU Receiver TR2700
to support TVU Grid. TVU Grid enables the efficient switching and routing of video
content from any location and to distribute it to any other location that has a TVU
Transceiver. TVU Grid is an award-winning IP-video routing, switching and distribution
solution with the ability to seamlessly switch live IP video content and share live
video streams between multiple remote locations.
TVU TR2700 Receiver Technical Specifications*
Line voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz 5A
1RU standard rack mount
Audio/Video Input
HD/SD-SDI (BNC) input - 1080-59.94i/50i, 720-59.94p/50p, NTSC/PAL
w/ embedded audio
BNC - Tri-Level or BB
IFB Output (optional)
External USB ausio input with level control (mic/line), 1/4” & XLR
1.7” x 17.2” x 9.8” 43mm x 437mm x 249mm (HxWxD)
Operating Temperatures
0-35˚ C (32-95˚ F)
TVU Software Version
OS 5
*Specifications and features are subject to change.
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