AG50 FAQs and Troubleshooting - Expresso Satellite Navigation

A G 5 0 FA Q s a n d Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g
How do I check the versions of my hardware and software?
- To check the version numbers of specific hardware or
• From the main AG50s menu select the setting button
to the left of the clock. (Settings can only be accessed in
Landscape mode)
• The automotive version can be viewed on the AG50s
loading screen when the automotive software is booting up
Why can’t I get a GPS signal?
- Make sure you are outside where you can see the sky,
take your device away from tall buildings, trees, and
remain stationary for a few minutes. Also note that your
AG50s device gets the best reception when mounted on
the dash or in a cupholder.
Where can I mount my device?
- The Expresso AG50s is designed to be mounted on your
dashboard using the sticky dash mount pad included in
the box.
Why doesn’t the touch screen respond to my touch?
- Sometimes you may need to re-calibrate your screen. To
do this from the main AG50s menu select the tools icon
(wrench), select “Screen Calibration” from the tools menu,
and follow the prompts on the screen.
Why are the photos not showing up in the photo gallery?
- It does take some time for the thumbnails of the images
to load, please allow a minute or so for them to load up.
See page 49 of your User Manual for information regarding properly formatting your SD card for use with the
multimedia player.
Where can I download music or movies?
- There are many sites available to purchase and download MP3 music files. A simple online search will yield
many results to sites such as Amazon MP3. Video downloads may be slightly more difficult to find. The supported video formats of the Expresso AG50s include AVI,
WMV, MPEG, MPG, FLV, and ASF. The most common
downloadable format is AVI with XviD compression. For
more information on downloading XviD files, visit XviD’s
Why is it taking so long for the Expresso AG50s to get a
Satellite Signal?
- It can take upwards of 10 minutes to acquire a satellite
signal the first time you use the AG50s, or using the device
that is far away from the last location you were at. Remember to take the device outside, away from tall building, and
you have a clear view of the sky.
How much does a yearly subscription to the iGolf website cost?
- A yearly membership subscription will cost you $34.99
per year. Memberships are available directly from the iGolf
website or through the Home Shopping Network.
How many golf courses can the AG50s store in its memory?
- The AG50s can hold upwards of 500 of your favorite golf
How do I load my SD card, so I can play music on my
- Please refer to page 49 of your User Manual for details on
properly formatting your SD card for use with the multimedia player.
Why can I not sync with iGolf?
- Make sure the computer is recognizing the AG50s. Make
sure the device is powered on when connected to the computer. If a window doesn’t pop up when the device is connected, check under Start Menu Computer Devices with
removable storage for removable disk. Open the removable
disk to check for the iGolf software. If the device is not
A G 5 0 FA Q s a n d Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g
found try using a different USB port.
- Make sure Java is installed and current. Windows users
can download Java at
- If using Google Chrome, it may be necessary to give the
applet permission to run. Internet Explorer or Mozilla
Firefox are recommended. If using Internet Explorer but
still experiencing issues, download Firefox at www.mozilla.
- If you are using a Mac, Apple has developed their own
version of Java. The minimum Java version needed to sync
with the device is 1.6.0_10 (Java 6 Update 10). This version
of Java is only supported by OS X 10.6 or newer.
Why am I receiving an error message that reads “Navigation File doesn’t exist”?
- The most common cause of this error message is attempting to access iGolf while the device is connected to your
computer. The iGolf software cannot be accessed while the
device is connected.
- If the error message comes up while the device is not
connected to the computer, first reset the device. With the
screen flipped open, the reset button is located below the
cup holder stability wing on the inside of the device. Use a
paper clip to push the reset button until the device powers
If you don’t see your question above or you would like
assistance from a representative,
please contact Expresso Support at
(866) 691-1350 Ext. 2007.
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