Be secure in an Internet of Things world.
IoT security and DDI solutions from BT.
Secure your IoT infrastructure.
Today, more and more things are connected to the
Internet - from your car, to your smart TV and smart
phone, to unmanned IP-enabled devices such as
sensors, monitors and control devices.
These “things” use advances in wireless communications,
networking, device miniaturization, battery technology, big
data analytics and application innovations - ushering in a
new digital industrial revolution known as the Internet of
Things (IoT).
These things also provide more information, better insights,
operational efficiencies and remote controllability of
processes and operations - providing many benefits to
consumers and businesses alike. However, serious
ramifications can result if they’re not managed correctly
It happens every second.
The fact is, 97% of all Fortune 500 companies have been
hacked; and likely the other 3% have too - they just don’t
know or won’t admit it.1 Whether companies admit it or not,
attacks happen every second of every day.2 3 4 5 And with IoT,
the risk gets even greater with the proliferation of things and
thing-specific operating systems that have varying degrees of
And it’s not just about financial loss, it can also be about
proprietary information being leaked or stolen, or denial-ofservice attacks, viruses or malware – leaving you open to
competitors, loss of customers and extortion.
Protect your organization.
With IoT, it’s necessary to manage the expanded scope of
your IP networks. Knowing what’s on your network is the
first key to protecting your critical infrastructure. Your
routers, hosts, servers and endpoints already require
thousands of private and public IP addresses. Deploying IoTconnected things can vastly expand IP addresses required.
When deployed for use in internal network applications such
as factory automation and surveillance, private IPv4 space
typically provides sufficient address capacity. When public IP
addresses are required for IoT connections, IPv6 may be
needed given the lack of available public IPv4 address space.
Beyond capacity, some applications require ad hoc
networking capabilities. Where Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol (DHCP) servers are not provisioned, IPv6-enabled
things can detect local network addressing and auto-assign
their IPv6 addresses.
Be secure in an Internet of Things world.
Manage your IoT address space.
IPv6 autoconfiguration automates Internet access, though it
raises potential network access control concerns. In such
cases, security, access control and IP address management
(IPAM) becomes critical. IPAM solutions can detect and
provide visibility into ad hoc IoT devices for network
managers, while corresponding security solutions enable
qualification and access control for connected things.
IoT deployments are vastly expanding the quantity of devices
and IP addresses within the network, along with a
corresponding network attack surface by increasing potential
weak points and inroads to the broader network. The extent
of this vulnerability is dictated by the quantity and type of
things being deployed.
Things developed with minimally hardened operating
systems, for example, may be exploitable by attackers to
deploy malware or related nefarious software with the
intent to launch broader attacks on the enterprise network.
With such device proliferation, your organization faces everincreasing challenges in bolstering your defenses.
To further secure your entire organization, it’s necessary to
take appropriate steps. These include expanding the scope of
device access control and qualification, vulnerability
detection and software updates, and detection and
remediation of malware and related attacks and data
exfiltration and denial of service type attacks.
When implementing them, know that it’s also necessary to:
 Integrate a wide range of security technologies from
numerous vendors into a fully integrated solution.
 Assemble and exploit leading-edge intelligence on
threats, incorporating the full potential of individual
security solutions to support automated processes for
identifying, tracking and addressing threats – faster and
more precisely.
 Tailor solutions to secure and protect your organization’s
unique and valuable assets and information.
Diamond IP IoT DDI solutions
Managing your IP address infrastructure today requires
accurately assigning IP address space and tracking where
those addresses are used. BT Diamond IP’s IPControl™
ensures this for enterprises of all sizes - giving you the tools
required for expansive growth of IP addressable devices.
IPControl provides centralized management of all IPv4 and IPv6
address spaces in an easy and intuitive user interface, enabling full
lifecycle management of this increasingly critical function. This
includes assigning IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces, reconciling
subnet and IP address discovery, reclaiming address spaces,
auditing address use, delegating administrator scope of control for
accountability tracking and centralizing DHCP and DNS services
Understanding your IP address infrastructure is crucial to all
aspects of your organization, from the assembly line to the
C-level. Regardless of whether your enterprise IoT initiatives
require new public IP address spaces driving toward IPv6 or
you continue leveraging more traditional IPv4/NAT
paradigms, the need for streamlined IPAM only intensifies.
Using IPControl, you can quickly grow and adapt as your
organization deploys new technologies and services.
BT IoT security solutions
Beyond DDI, BT offers a comprehensive suite of security
services including threat monitoring and threat intelligence:
 Putting the right infrastructure in place and implementing
policies effectively so security specialists can pinpoint real
 Applying threat intelligence to real-time 24/7 global feeds
to mitigate threats and make sense of big data
 Understanding your assets and risks and aligning security
to protect your intellectual property
 Incorporating a layer of proactive threat monitoring with
human intelligence deployed through highly trained
 A continuous cycle of rethinking risk meets a constantly
changing threat landscape.
Be secure in an Internet of Things world.
BT Assure Intelligence Monitoring
Using state-of-the art-tools, our security experts make sense
of the data. This service takes device data logs, crunches the
information and alerts your organization when something
looks anomalous or suspicious. It operates in near real-time
and is based on proprietary BT systems - uniquely available
from BT.
 We build security monitoring policy and implement global
and custom rules with you, enabling us to sort through
the oceans of events to determine the handful that need
 BT proprietary analytics is used to examine them.
 We then take the vital few that are real threats and help
you resolve them.
With us, you get 24/7 support from BT security analysts who
can help you understand the alerts and incidents as they
happen on the networks. We rely on a powerful combination
of technology, process and people.
 BT is device agnostic; we monitor any technology
speaking any IT language.
 We have a customizable portal that enables you to
automatically generate compliance reports for audit
 We correlate disparate events across a wide range of
technologies and all of the events for every customer to
ensure we capture emergent threats across the entire
 Our services meet security monitoring compliance needs
– Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, PCI and others - and generate
audit-quality reports.
Gain from our knowledge and success
We’ve been in business for 147 years; protecting ourselves
from harm. We take that security knowledge and experience
and apply it to you, our customer.
 We have 88,000 employees in 170 countries.
 BT was named a Leader in Gartner’s 2015 Magic
Quadrant for Network Services, Global.
 In March 2014, BT was named Leader in Gartner’s Magic
Quadrant for Global Network Services Providers.
 BT was named Leader in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for
Pan-European Network Services, March 2014.
 We were named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
for Communications Outsourcing and Professional
Services, October 2013.
 Ovum selected BT as Global Leader in telecom MSS in
Call BT today. Let us secure your corporation, so you can do
what you do best – run your company.
1 Peter W. Singer, director of the Centre for 21st Century
security and Intelligence at The Brookings Institution
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