XpressConnect™ Wizard Self-Service WPA2-Enterprise

XpressConnect Wizard
Self-Service WPA2-Enterprise
Provides automated, selfservice on-boarding for
WPA2 wireless networks
across a wide array of
personally-owned (BYOD)
device types without IT
of the wireless network through
quick, fool-proof access from
nearly any device at any time.
by eliminating IT involvement in
the on-boarding of BYOD devices.
• Wireless & wired networks
• Install SSID & certificates
• Credential (PEAP, TTLS) or
certificate (TLS) authentication
• Flexible on-boarding options
• Unmatched built-in issue
resolution capabilities
• Broad client support includes:
Windows XP & Greater
Mac OS X 10.4 & Greater
Ubuntu 9.04 & Greater
Fedora 18 & Greater
Apple iOS (iPhone , iPad ,
iPod Touch) 2.0 & Greater
Android 2.1 & Greater
If your users need secure network access from personal devices, you need XpressConnect.
The XpressConnect Wizard is an industry-first solution for providing an exceptional user
experience while drastically reducing support costs associated with secure WPA2-Enterprise
wireless networks and personal devices.
Users expect wireless to simply work, and their first impression of the wireless network
influences their long-term opinion of it. Manual configuration, uncertain procedures, and
unexplained connectivity issues all negatively affect the user’s experience. XpressConnect
is designed to provide quick, easy, fool-proof access to the wireless network. Since
users want to be connected and not just configured, XpressConnect contains Cloudpath’s
unmatched Advanced Issue Resolution (AIR) Technology to provide a reliable, predictable
connection experience without IT involvement.
Deployed worldwide for over five years, the XpressConnect Wizard has mastered the art of
connecting personal devices to enterprise-grade secure wireless networks. While wireless
vendors pitched open SSIDs with captive portals, XpressConnect proved that WPA2Enterprise wireless security can be simple to use and provide an improved user experience,
even on widely-diverse personal devices.
Extending WPA2-Enterprise To BYOD
The XpressConnect Wizard is a lightweight, web-based wizard that provides automated,
self-service configuration across a wide array of device types. Configured by the network
administrator and deployed to a web server on an open “help” SSID, the wizard is available
to users via their browser any time they are unable to connect to the secure network.
XpressConnect eliminates the desperate poking and prodding and trips to the support desk
when “the wireless isn’t working”.
Product Datasheet: XpressConnect Wizard
XpressConnect rapidly configures the device, resolves device issues, and transitions the
user to the secure network in a hands-free, fool-proof manner. In just seconds the user
is moved from the open network to the WPA2-Enterprise network.
XpressConnect supports most device types common to BYOD environments,
including Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), and Android. For
authentication, it supports both password-based (PEAP, TTLS) and certificate-based (TLS)
For the past six years,
XpressConnect has
been used by millions of
users per year to access
WPA2-Enterprise and
XpressConnect is currently deployed with all ten major enterprise wireless vendors
and all major RADIUS servers, including Microsoft NPS, Cisco ACS, Juniper Steel®
Belted RADIUS, FreeRADIUS, and Radiator . For EAP-TLS environment, it automates
the certificate enrollment process to Microsoft CA via the XpressConnect Integration
wired 802.1X network
Let us show you how quick, easy, and predictable WPA2-Enterprise can be, even with
BYOD devices. To review hundreds of live customer deployments published on the
Internet, search “Powered By Cloudpath” or visit cloudpath.net for case studies.
from personally-owned
devices ranging from
laptops to tablets to
XpressConnect Wizard Specifications
Deployment Options:
Supported EAP Methods:
On-Premise web server
PEAP/MSCHAPv2 (all platforms)
Cloud web server
TTLS/PAP (all platforms, SecureW2 on Windows)
Physical media (CD/USB)
TLS (all platforms except Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger)
Supported Web Servers:
Supported Client Browsers:
Windows 2003/2008/2012 with Internet Information
Services (IIS) with Active Server Pages.
Internet Explorer 6.0 and greater
Linux (most distributions) or Windows 2003/2008/2012
with Apache. PHP is recommended.
Firefox 1.5 and greater
Safari 2.0 and greater
2003/2008/2012 with Tomcat. Java Server Pages
(JSP) is recommended.
Chrome 3.0 and greater
Additional Settings:
Install 3rd party software, including NAC agents
Supported Clients:
Install certificates and certificate authorities
Windows XP SP2 and greater
Resolve wireless utilities and software conflicts
Mac OS X 10.4 and greater
Configure web proxies
Ubuntu 9.04 and greater
Enable firewalls, antivirus, OS updates, and NAP
Fedora 18 and greater
Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 2.0 and greater
Android (Tablets, Phones) 2.1 and greater
Available Add-Ons:
XpressConnect Integration Module for Microsoft CA
XpressConnect Enrollment System
Contact your Cloudpath representative regarding support for additional
operating systems.
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