Targus 15.6 inch / 39.6cm Hughes™ Leather Laptop Slipcase

TES004EU | Targus 15.6 inch / 39.6cm Hughes™ Leather
Laptop Slipcase
The 15.6" Hughes Laptop Slipcase is designed to protect
laptops with up to 15.6" widescreens. The durable exterior
and soft interior twill lining protect the laptop from dust and
scratches during transport. Constructed of smooth oiltanned leather material, this sophisticated case has the
look and feel of a high-end executive portfolio. Whether
transporting the laptop between meetings or inside of
another carrying case for added protection, the Hughes
Leather Laptop Slipcase provides a professional
appearance throughout its travels. Oiled Leather: The
process of oiling leather dates back hundreds of years.
After smoothing the surface, this quality leather is then
infused with natural oils to create a highly durable yet
supple material that continues to develop, soften and
conform to your body for a comfortable, ergonomic fit.
Protection – Designed to protect up to 15.6” widescreen laptops from dust or scratches
Material – Constructed of durable, smooth oil-tanned leather material; features strong magnetic closure
Product Name
Targus 15.6 inch /
39.6cm Hughes™
37.5 x 3.9 x 26cm
Leather Laptop Slipcase
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₤0 / €0
Limited Lifetime
0.72 kg
15.6" (39.6 cm)
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