HL1659/28 Philips Food processor

Food processor
5 jar 750W
Enjoy homemade food in seconds
Part of an intelligent range of food appliances that provides you total freedom and hasslefree operation. Advanced robotic arm lets you enjoy kitchen tasks without constant
supervision. So, you can spend more time with your loved ones!
Super silent motor
• 750 W powerful motor with minimal sound
Stable and safe operation
• Auto shut-off for overload protection
• Vacuum feet
Food processor
5 jar 750W lavender, intelligent
General specifications
Automatic shut-off
Non-slip feet
Speed setting: 3 and pulse
Power indicator
Product warranty: 24 months from the date of
Technical specifications
Power: 750 W
Capacity blender jar: 2.2 l
Voltage: 230 V
Motor rating: 30 minute(s)
Capacity chutney jar: 0.4 l
Capacity wet grinding jar: 1.6 l
• Capacity multi-purpose jar: 1 l
• Food processing bowl: 1 l
750 W powerful motor
Blender jar
Chutney jar
Wet grinding jar
Multi-purpose jar
Food processing bowl
Design specifications
• Color(s): White with lavender accents
• Material knife: Stainless steel
750 W powerful motor with minimal sound
Auto shut-off
Auto shut-off for overload protection
Vacuum feet
Suction feature of the vacuum feet prevents
displacement during operation.
Issue date 2014-03-17
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