IP Remote
Remote Solution – KVM Extender over IP
Remote Control PCs over
LAN/WAN infrastructures
Eliminate heat and noise
radiation at the desk
Brilliant video quality
Great flexibility with TRUE
Channel Communications
WEY IP Remote is a secure and
highly reliable IP KVM Extender
featuring SFP modules. Now you can
remote all your workstations into a
protected and air conditioned area.
Using LAN/WAN infrastructure, IP
Remote transmits every physical port
on a PC over a separate channel. This
is TRUE Channel Communications.
Thus, you can connect your digital and
analogue video, DDC, Audio, USB,
PS/2 and serial data signals from any
computer to any workplace.
• TRUE Channel Communications
Transmission / Distance
The IP Remote protocol is based on
standard TCP/UDP communication.
Depending on the characteristics of
the infrastructure, you can transmit
over great distances within IP
networks. Using SFP modules to
support copper, multi- and single mode
fibre guarantees tremendous flexibility
regarding cable infrastructure.
• DVD quality audio, VGA/DVI
inputs, serial interfaces, SFP
modules, USB 2.0 KB/MS/Mass
Storage and PS2 KB/MS
Centralising computers in a system
room saves energy and costs for air
conditioning, improves data security
and minimizes maintenance efforts.
Clear the desks! Use office space
more effectively and benefit from a
smaller desk footprint without
computers at the workplace.
WEY IP Remote is platform
independent. Neither software nor
driver installations are required. The
PC’s integrity is completely assured.
100% of computing power is always
Keep your business running - in case
of a PC failure, switch instantly to a
preconfigured spare device.
Product Line
• IP Remote Receivers (RX) are
connected to desk peripherals while
Transmitters (TX) are connected
directly to the PCs or workstations.
• IP Remote cards can be mounted in
a selection of chassis with either
integrated or external power
• To reach high port density, the
19” 3U chassis with redundant
power supplies houses up to 32
video channels in one chassis.
WEY Technology
Move / Adds / Changes
With WEY’s IP Remote Solution, gone
are the days of physically moving PCs,
pulling cable and swapping
peripherals. Moves, Adds and
Changes are just a click away. Enjoy
the freedom of a true free seating
environment. Just login at any desk
and continue working.
Video signal
IP Remote supports VESA resolutions
up to 2560x1600@60Hz and some
non VESA formats.
DDC data is transmitted transparently
from the monitor to the graphic cards.
Alternatively, custom DDC data can be
downloaded to the TX via a fully
featured DDC emulator tool.
Analogue and digital video input/output
signals are supported – without
• State-of-the-art compression
technology minimises bandwidth
requirements – lossless
• Unicast and Multicast
communication are both
supported and allow for an
unlimited number of connections
• DVI Dual Link with resolutions up
to 2560x1600@60Hz and dual head
DVI Single Link up to 1920x1200@
60Hz (RB)
• Low power consumption of
<8 Watt per IP Remote device
• Eliminate noise emissions and
heat radiation at the desk
TRUE Channel
Every channel can be switched
independently, together or in
any combination.
Each data stream, e.g. video,
DDC, audio, PS2, USB or serial
is transmitted on a separate
Connect to any source channel
from anywhere. This minimizes
hardware resources/needs and
offers unlimited flexibility.
Additional Information
World Class Solutions
Desktop Virtualisation
Are you thinking about desktop
virtualisation? But you still need the full
performance of a classic client-server
Data Integrity
Is it mandatory that all your data does
not leave the system room? Are you
therefore considering centralized
Investment Protection/CAPEX
Are you obliged to protect your
investment from supplier-specific
legacies? Do you need to ensure
scalability of your investments?
WEY IP Remote is the solution to these
questions and much more.
The WEY Solution
IP Remote solutions can be deployed in
a broad range of customer scenarios.
Whether you manage a control room, a
trading floor, a server farm or an
emergency facility, all these
environments share common
requirements: the ability to access and
share PCs and information services in
real-time with high performance, system
longevity, reliability, security, noise
reduction, efficiency, cost optimization
and modular expandability.
Turnkey Solutions
Regardless of your system architecture,
WEY Technology provides the capability
and expertise to meet specific system
requirements and user needs with
professional products and support.
The IP Remote solution supports various
platforms and interfaces and is
independent from specific hardware
vendors. Even if you decide to change
your PC environment in a couple of
years, your IP Remote solution will
remain the same.
Professional Services from A-Z
WEY designs and deploys customized
solutions from its dynamic and leading
edge hardware and software product
portfolio, developed and manufactured in
Switzerland. WEY ensures the highest
levels of professionalism from the initial
project consultation and throughout a full
range of customer-oriented design,
installation and ongoing support
Let WEY optimise your working
environment with its innovative products
and services. From concept through
realisation, WEY is your full-service
TRUE Channel Communications
Sound IN
Sound OUT
Ethernet Network
Keyboard USB/PS2
Single Screen
Mouse USB/PS2
Dual Screen
Bidirectional Data
Large Screen / Cube Wall
Service Channel
Display Data Channel
It’s the WEY forward
Contact us: info@weytec.com
WEY Technology
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