How to to a Kindle Fire

How to Download to a Kindle Fire
You need an internet connection to use this service.
STEP 1 - Go to the Overdrive website (link to eBooks) to browse our
collection of downloadable e-books and audio books.
STEP 2 - Make your title selection
Make your title selection (be sure to choose the Kindle Book format of
the title available) then click “Place in cart”. When you are done selecting
titles (3 checkouts maximum), click “Proceed to Check out” and “Confirm
Check out.”
NOTE: You will need both your library card barcode number and your
library password to do this.
STEP 3 - Moving your eBook to our Kindle
Once you’ve checked out your titles, choose “Get for Kindle”. You’ll be
redirected to’s Public Library Loan page for that title. You will
be required to log in with your account. If you do not have an
account, you will be prompted to create a new account. Choose your
device from the Deliver to menu, and choose Get library book. Next click
Download Now. This will open up a screen telling you that the title will down
load the next time your Kindle connects to the WiFi - ignore this page. Tap
the settings icon at the top right of your screen. Tap Sync and then the
Home icon at the bottom left of the screen. The title will download and be
ready to read.
To download e-books in EPUB format on your Kindle
STEP 1 - Download the Overdrive Media Console app to your Fire
tablet. Go to the Overdrive website (link to eBooks). Select the
Android version of the Overdrive Media Console.
Note: For security, your device is set to block installation of
applications not sourced in Android Market. To allow, tap on the
settings icon, then tap “Device”. The setting “Allow installation of
applications” should be ON.
STEP 2 – Setup an Adobe account to authorize the Overdrive Media
Console prior to checking out your first e-book.
Go to Tap Create an
Adobe Account and follow the prompts to obtain an Adobe ID and
password. The first time you use the Overdrive app to download an e-book,
you’ll be prompted for this Adobe ID and password.
STEP 3 - Return to the Overdrive app and tap the menu icon at the
bottom of the page. Tap Get Books.
STEP 4 - Tap Add a Library and enter 56001.
Select your library and
tap the star to add the Traverse des Sioux Library System’s Overdrive
website to the app.
STEP 5 - Search and Download a Title
To search for an e-book title you wish to read, tap the Overdrive app,
and then tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap Get Books, and
then tap Traverse des Sioux Library System. When you have found a title,
select the EPUB format, and tap the Place in Cart button. Tap Proceed to
Checkout. Tap Confirm Checkout. [You will be prompted to logon with your
library barcode and password]. Tap Download. The title is downloaded to
your Overdrive app Bookshelf. Tap the title to begin reading.
Early Returns on a Kindle Fire
If you finish your eBook before your checkout period expires, you can
return the book early to free up your account to allow you to checkout a new
Step 1 - Go to (through the web link, NOT the Amazon
App) and click on Manage your Kindle.
Step 2 - log in to your Amazon account to view a list of both your library
checkouts and your purchased Kindle titles.
Step 3 - Click the action button to the right of the library title you wish to
return. Select “Return this book”. To remove the title from your list, click the
action button once again, and choose Delete from library.
Step 4 - The next time you turn on your Kindle, with a wireless or USB
connection, the updated status of the title will display with the message Your
Kindle book loan has ended.
* To remove the title icon from your device, tap and hold on the icon until a
pop-up menu appears—choose remove from device option and icon
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