Cinematize 3 Pro lets you easily select your clip by allowing you
to preview any combination of video, audio, and subtitles.
Select clips from any Title and Angle, and from main movies,
extras, and menus.
Select video streams in any DVD video format including PAL,
NTSC, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Select any available audio track,
whether in PCM, AC-3, MPEG, DTS or SDDS format.
Cinematize 3 Pro lets you save out all your settings for video,
audio, subtitles, and output and load them in again to jumpstart your next project.
Save time by extracting as many clips as you want all at once,
Easily select your clip using the video/audio/subtitle preview
each with the same or different settings. So you can extract English
and French audio tracks, a high-quality QuickTime movie and a
compressed iPod movie, short and long movies, clips from different
Video Title Sets – all of them in one shot.
Extract with any intermediate
codec available on your
To batch extract, simply add all the segments you want to the
Extraction List. With the new thumbnail view, you can easily identify
your selected clip in the Extraction List. Review details, edit, replace,
duplicate, or reorder the clips. You can save out Extraction Lists and
load them in again to extract the clips later or to continue adding to
an earlier list.
With Cinematize 3 Pro, you have the option of simply passing
through the raw compressed DVD data (as elementary streams or
MPEG-2 movies) to keep the original high quality, or converting the
video, audio and subtitles to a decoded format of your choice.
The supported decoded output formats include: QuickTime, DV, AVI,
MPEG-4, H.264, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and 3GP Phone movies, or any
QuickTime Export components installed on your machine.
You can use the extracted files with your favorite applications and
devices including: QuickTime, FinalCut, iMovie, DVD Studio Pro,
iDVD, Premiere, Avid, PowerPoint, Keynote, iTunes, iPods, iPads, and
Save out audio with sample
sizes up to 32 bits
Select the output format of your choice
Advanced Features. Quality. Ease-of-Use. Speed. Have them all with Cinematize 3 Pro.
Built on top of award-winning Cinematize 2 Pro:
Best of 2007
"Like all the best products, Cinematize takes a messy and
technical task and gives it a simple, efficient workflow.
Everyone who wants to extract from DVD should use it."
- by Howard Oakley, MacUser magazine
Powerful New Extraction List
Add to the List as many clips
as you like, each with the
same or different settings
Easily locate selected clips
with the thumbnail view
Edit, duplicate, replace, or
rearrange clips in the List
Combine all the clips into
one output movie
Save and load entire
Extraction Lists for reuse
Cinematize 3 Pro lets you
extract audio and video clips
off of DVDs and save them out
in formats compatible with
your favorite applications and
devices including:
• QuickTime
• iMovie
• iDVD
• PowerPoint
• iPod
• iPhone
• Avid
• Final Cut
• DVD Studio
• Keynote
• iTunes
• iPad
• Web sites
• Premiere
Use Cinematize 3 Pro to create
clips for:
• Presentations
• Video/Audio Editing
• Best-of DVDs and CDs
• Still Pictures
• Web sites including YouTube
• iPod, iPhone, iPad
and much more!
C3P C2P C2
Select Start and End Points down to the frame level
Select from multiple angles and soundtracks
Extract from all DVD video and audio formats (PAL, NTSC,
Select from both Video Manager and Video Title Sets
Select from Video Recording Files on DVD-VR discs
Select from DVD menus
Batch extract multiple clips with the same settings
Batch extract multiple clips with different settings
Easily locate selected segments in the list with thumbnail images
Batch extract from multiple File Groups at once
Rearrange, duplicate, replace, or edit segments in the list
Save and load entire batch extraction lists
Specify a file name for each clip in the Extraction List
Preview any combination of Video, Audio, and Subtitles in sync
C3P C2P C2
Extract audio alone, video alone, or together as movies
Extract audio and video with full original quality
Output to popular formats (QuickTime, DV, AVI, H.264,
Directly output to still pictures
Custom configure QuickTime export component parameters
Extract multiple clips separately
Extract multiple clips and combine them all into one movie
Directly output iPhone, iPad, and 3GP Phone movies
Adjust output audio volume level
Specify output audio sample size up to 32 bits
Extract video with subtitles burned in
Save and load settings without restrictions
Output video quality (when decoded)
Extraction Speed
Video Video
Only Only
Best Better Good
Fastest Faster Fast
Advanced Features. Quality. Ease-of-Use. Speed. Have them all with Cinematize 3 Pro.
System Requirements:
For Both Macintosh and Windows:
- 512 MB of RAM minimum
- QuickTime 7.2 or later
- 20 MB minimum of free hard drive space
- A CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
For Macintosh:
- A Macintosh with an Intel Core or later processor, or a G3 or later PowerPC processor
- Mac OS X 10.4 or later
For Windows:
- A Pentium 4 processor or equivalent, minimum
- Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Vista, or Windows 7
* For a complete list of System Requirements, visit
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