QUICK START GUIDE Ax62C-series 3MP IP Box Camera

Quick Start Guide
3MP 1080P Day/Night IP Box Camera
• The camera is intended for indoor use. To use the camera outdoors,
outdoor housing must be installed (not provided).
• Make sure the supplied voltage meets the power consumption
requirements of the camera before powering the camera on.Incorrect
voltage may cause damage to the camera and void the warranty.
• The camera should be protected from water and moisture, excessive
heat, direct sunlight and cold.
• This installation should be made by a qualified service person and
should conform to all local codes.
• Unplug the camera during lightning storms or when unused for long
periods of time.
 
DC 12V
AC 24V
• Fixed Network Camera x1
• Quick Start Guide x1
• 8-pin Screw Terminal Block x1
1. DC 12V/AC 24V: Connect the power terminals to a power supply.
If using DC 12V power supply, make sure to connect the power
connector to correct ports (Red+/White–). Black port is used for GND.
If using power from Ethernet connection, this connector is not used.
2. Video: To perform focus and iris adjustments during the installation,
connect the camera to a BNC monitor.
3. Power LED: The LED lights on when power is applied.
1. Lens mounting ring:
For mounting a CS-mount
or C-mount lens.
2. Back Focus Control:
Allows to adjust the distance
between the back flange of
the lens mounting and the
image sensor.
3. Auto Iris lens connector:
Supplies power and control
signals to an auto-iris lens.
4. Reset: Using a pointed object, hold down the reset
button for 4 seconds to reboot the camera.
5. Default: Using a pointed object, hold down the reset
button for 5 seconds to return all camera settings to
to the factory defaults.
6. Memory SD Card Slot: Insert a microSD/SDHC card
to the slot for recording and storage.
7. I/O: Connect your external devices, e.g., sensor and
alarms to the corresponding I/O terminal block. The
pins of the I/O terminal block controls the following
8. Ethernet/PoE: Connects to the LAN port of a standard
10Base/100Base-TX device, e.g., hub, switch or
I/O Connector Definition
Audio In
Audio Out
Alarm Out
Alarm In
Rev. 160825
Ax62C-series 3MP IP Box Camera
Connection Type 1:
1. Installing the Lens
Crossover direct connection
i3 SRX-Pro Server
Connection Type 2:
i3 SRX-Pro Server
Attach your lens onto the camera’s lens mounting ring.
• CS-Mount lens: Attach the lens to the camera directly.
• C-Mount lens: You must mount the supplied CS-C mount adapter
ring first and then attach the C-Mount lens.
Camera’s default IP:
Default Login/Password:
FW ver. i3_00_026-40 | Login: admin / PW: 1234
FW ver. i3_00_39-51, or higher | Login: i3admin / PW: i3admin
If you are using an auto-iris lens, connect the auto-iris cable to the
IRIS connector on the camera.
2. Mounting the Camera
Mount the camera to your intended location. Make sure to firmly
attach the camera to a suitable flat surface.
3. Connecting the Cables
a. Optionally connect external input/output devices to the
b. Optionally connect a speaker and microphone to the
c. Connect the camera to a power source, using one of these
• DC 12V or AC 24V: Connect to the power terminals on the
on the rear panel. If using DC 12V power supply, make sure
to connect to correct ports (Red+/White–).
• PoE: Using an Ethernet cable, connect the LAN port to
a PoE-capable network device. Power will be supplied
through the Ethernet cable.
Optionally connect a video monitor if you want to perform
focus and iris adjustments during the installation.
4. Adjusting the View and Focus
Adjust the focus controller, and zoom controller of the lens to get the
best resolution. If needed, adjust the back focus to achieve the focus.
Please Note: Scan the QR code at the bottom of this document or visit www.
i3international.com to view and download the full User Manual for this camera. Also
available for download is the AnnexxusConfigurationTool or ACT program used
to locate and configure your cameras with your SRX-Pro software. This program
is already installed in SRX-Pro v3.3.3.69 and higher. Please contact our Technical
Support team if you have any questions or concerns regarding camera installation
or you require software services or support. Technical support can be reached by
email at:
support@i3International.com or by phone toll free 1.877.877.7241.
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User Manual
Via Gigabit Switch
1. Close SRX-Pro Server software by pressing Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F4.
2. Change the IP address on the onboard NIC (LAN) (or on NIC1 if your SRX-Pro Server
has two onboard NIC cards) of your SRX-Pro Server to 192.0.0.XXX to match the
default IP range of your Annexxus IP camera.
3. Connect your camera to i³ SRX-Pro Server (see diagram above).
4. Turn on your Annexxus camera.
5. It may be necessary to download and install AnnexxusConfigTool (ACT) from our
website (www.i3international.com). Follow the ACT installation instructions until the
application has been successfully installed on your SRX-Pro Server. For SRX-Pro
v3.3.3.69 and above ACT is already installed.
6. Either double-click i3 Annexxus Configuration Tool icon on the desktop to launch
the ACT application or click the “ACT Config Tool” button on the IP Camera Tab in
7. ANNEXXUS Configuration Tool window will display a list of active network cameras.
8. elect the desired Annexxus camera in the list (left-click).
9. In the Device(s) Communication area, enter the new IP Range (address) and
Subnet Mask of the camera. The new camera IP address must match the IP range of
your SRX-Pro LAN or NIC1 card (see Step 2).
E.g. If your SRX-Pro Server’s IP address is, change your Annexxus
camera’s IP address to 192.138.10.XXX.
Remember: Annexxus Cameras cannot share an IP address, each camera requires
its own unique IP address.
10. Enter the default camera password in the Input Password field and click Save.
11. Make sure the Default Account checkbox is checked off.
12. Click Update. Wait a few moments for a successful confirmation message.
13. Repeat Steps 9-12 for all detected Annexxus cameras in the ACT application OR
Select multiple cameras (Ctrl + left click) and enter IP range to assign IP addresses
sequentially to the selected cameras.
14. Once the IP address of the Annexxus camera(s) has been changed, make sure you
can connect to the camera(s) through Internet Explorer:
a. Launch Internet Explorer and enter the IP Address you have just assigned to
your Annexxus camera. The password window should be displayed.
b. Enter the default camera User Name: i3admin and default Password: i3admin
c. Annexxus camera interface will be displayed in the Internet Explorer window.
You should be able to see the camera image on the screen.
If you do not see the camera image on the screen, call i3 International tech
support for troubleshooting tips: 1.877.877.7241
15. Make sure that the latest version of GiPi updater is installed on your SRX-Pro Server.
You can download the updates from ftp://files.123ip.com/drivers/gipi.
Please contact i3 Technical Support team for access information.
16. Once the latest GiPi updater has been installed, restart i3 SRX-Pro Server.
17. Log In and go to the Setup -> IP Camera tab.
18. Click the Search button to display connected Annexxus cameras.
19. Select the detected camera in the list and click Select.
20. In the Select IP Camera window, enter the default camera User Name: i3admin and
default Password: i3admin, then click Add.
21. The selected camera will be added to the IP Camera list.
22. Assign the IP camera to the SRX-Pro video channel in the Ch. In. column.
23. Select i3 GiPi from the PTZ column to enable motorized lens’ autofocus feature.
24. Your Annexxus camera is now connected to SRX-Pro Server and is ready to record.
You may change resolution and frame rate for the Annexxus camera in the IP Camera
tab menu or you may choose to configure the camera’s advanced settings.
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