Rollei Mini Crane M1
To adjust the balance use the attached hook
with a sandbag or backpack (not included)
MiniCrane M1“Giraffe” is made for
Photography Hobbyists and Pro­
fessionals. It’s compact, lightweight
and easy to install, large working
radius after unfolding, fast adjustment, multiple functions.
Side Plate accessories Port
Side plates contain eight 1/4-20 holes
that will let you mount any video
lights, support arms, field monitor or
other accessories.
Screw Port
4’extension and 2 pcs 3/8 extension, can connect all kinds
of 3-legs and head.
Make sure of fast
fixing the level
of the Mini Crane
and camera.
Connect Accessories
Usage 1: Connect Mini Crane
M1 and tripod with iFootage
pan head and connect Mini
Crane M1 and camera with
Fluid head.
Usage 2: Connect the 3-legs
with Fluid head directly.
iFootage Pan Head
iFootage Pan Head, which adopts
fluid power system, makes sure of
running smoothly and steadily. It
bears long term outdoor working, for
the special fabrication processing.
für DSLR
Product information
I like – on
1520 g
5 kg
High-quality, black-anodized finish increases durability
and ensures a long lifetime
Perfect corrosion protection through the use of
stainless steel SUS screws
Contains: Main Section, Rear Section, Section Joint, Counter
Weight Clamp, Clamp Lever, Hand Grip, Hook, Hex Keys, Bag
and 3/8“ Adapter
Technical data
6 Layers Carbon Fiber Sections
Maximum Radius 120 cm
extended: 200 cm | tilt: 210 cm
Tube Diameter
30 mm
Tolerance only ± 0.05 mm
max. 5 kg
1,520 g
Subject to technical changes.
exclusively made for Rollei
Month Warranty
and Replacement
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