Intraplex® PT/PR-153

Intraplex® PT/PR-153
Intraplex® PT/PR-153
Program Audio Modules (48, 44.1, 32, 24, 16 KSPS)
Program Audio Transport
Intraplex PT/PR-153 audio modules provide digital transport of up to 22.5 kHz
CD-quality stereo program audio using Enhanced apt-X™ compression. These
modules are the ideal solution for applications requiring today’s higher sampling
rates to produce the best audio fidelity possible.
The modules plug into Intraplex network access products, which combine the
program audio with other audio, voice, and data traffic for transmission over T1
(1.5 Mbps), E1 (CEPT 2.0 Mbps), IP, and other high-speed digital links.
Key Features
48, 44.1, 32, 24, and 16 ksps sample
Faster sample rates support digital audio
broadcasting and high-quality audio transport applications with up to 22.5 kHz audio
External AES/EBU timing input
The digital output accepts an external AES/
EBU reference or RS-422 clock signal to
synchronize the output stream to facility
timing, a require-ment for HD Radio (IBOC)
digital audio broadcasting.
16-, 20-, and 24-bit sample sizes
User-selectable sample size lets you optimize both audio resolution and network
bandwidth usage.
Both AES/EBU and analog inputs and
Simultaneous digital and analog outputs
feed both the digital and analog systems.
Having the analog I/O is especially handy
for monitoring and testing.
Built-in data channel
An onboard data channel provides for
PAD, RDS, RBDS, or an independent
auxiliary data channel. There’s no need
to consume additional bandwidth or buy
additional equipment for data transport
Connecting What’s Next
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice
PT/PR-153 Series Modules
PT-153: Digital or analog input, auto-detect
PR-153: Digital and analog output, simultaneous
System Compatibility
Compatible with Intraplex T1, E1, ISDN, IP, and variable-rate access products
No. of Audio Channels
1 or 2 per module, user selectable
Sample Rate and
Audio Bandwidth
Enhanced apt-X 4:1 compression
Data Rate and Time Slot
Usage (2 channel)
22.5 kHz: 3 to 9 time slots
20 kHz: 3 to 9 time slots
15 kHz: 2 to 6 time slots
7.5 kHz: 2 time slots
Processing Delay
Less than 6.0 ms at 32 and 44.1 ksps
Less than 5.0 ms at 48 ksps
Data Channel
RS-232 data transport 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, and 9.6 kbps, mode dependent
AES/EBU A&B channel status bits are transported
Line Error Tolerance
Error tolerance is part of the Enhanced apt-X coding, resulting in no audible degradation at 10–5 random bit error rate.
Input/Output Connectors
(MA-508 and MA-509)
• Audio Inputs: XLR female on left, right, and digital
• Audio Outputs: XLR male on left, right, and digital
• External Clock, Data/Alarm, RJ-11
Note: MA-503, -504, -505, -510, and -511 may be used for analog audio or digital audio-only applications.
48 ksps for 22.5 kHz operation
44.1 ksps for 20 kHz operation
32 ksps for 15 kHz operation
24 ksps for 12 kHz operation
16 ksps for 7.5 kHz operation
Digital Audio Operation
Accepted Audio
Sampling Rates
Accepts any AES/EBU rate between 24 and 48 ksps
Rate Conversion (PT-153)
Rate converts any AES/EBU input rate to 48, 44.1, 32, 24, or 16 ksps
External Sync (PR-153)
Accepts external AES/EBU reference signal or RS-422 clock to synchronize output to facility timing
Input/Output Impedance
Balanced, 110 Ohms ±20%
Analog Audio Operation
Audio Frequency
(±0.5 dB, emphasis off)
48 ksps: 1 Hz–22 kHz
44.1 ksps: 1 Hz–20.5 kHz
32 ksps: 1 Hz–15 kHz
Audio Full Load Level
+9 to +24 dBu
Greater than –80 dB
Total Distortion
THD+N, less than 0.04% at 1 kHz –1 dBFS input
Dynamic Range
Audio Pre-emphasis
(user selectable)
Pre-emphasis and de-emphasis per ITU-T J.17
Input Impedance
Balanced, 600 Ohm nominal or greater than 10 kOhm
Output Impedance
Balanced, less than 52 Ohm
Greater than 92 dB 16 bit
Greater than 105 dB 20 bit
Greater than 110 dB 24 bit
Connecting What’s Next
Status and Diagnostics
LED Indicators
Service On/Off, T1/E1 Operation, Module Failure; (PT only) Input Source; (PR only) External Clock, Activity, Frame,
VU Meter
Five-segment LED audio level with overload indication
Test Access
Analog audio input and output, bantam test jacks
Test Tone Generator
1004 Hz test tone at –12 dBFS, which is equivalent to +8 dBm, input
Card-level failure relay contacts via MA-508 and -509
Physical and Environmental
Nominal Power
Less than 5.5 watts per module
0 to +50 °C operating
0 to 90% noncondensing
Connecting What’s Next
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