How to Use Your Access Control Card

How to Use Your Access Control Key Fob
How to Enter the Suite (Venture II Suite 500):
During the times that your card reader controlled doors are locked, you will be required to present your access
control key fob to the card reader mounted on the wall adjacent to the front or back door. In using your key fob, it
will be most effective if you follow these simple instructions:
Hold the access control fob by its edges with its side parallel to the wall and position it 1 to 4 inches from
the card reader.
If the door does not unlock immediately, the fob may not be centered in front of the card reader. Move it
slowly up and down or to the left or right to insure it is centered.
If you wish to use the access control fob without removing it from your wallet or purse, be sure that it is
not close to metal cards, keys, coins or other types of metallic objects, as they will interfere with the card
reader's ability to detect the fob. Storing your access control fob in your wallet or purse will not damage
credit cards.
How to Exit the Suite when Doors are Locked:
The doors will automatically unlock whenever anyone approaches the door for exiting. This is accomplished via an
infra-red motion detector located above the door. In the event this does not occur, depress the exit push button
located in the doorframe adjacent to the door.
Oops! I Lost My Access Control Fob:
The access control fob is like a key, but better, since it cannot be duplicated. If you lose your fob it is important
that you notify the DELTA Business Office immediately. The Business Office will notify Datawatch Systems of the
loss and request a replacement fob. The employee will reimburse DELTA for the $13 cost of the replacement key
Items to Remember:
To prevent false alarm and nuisance conditions, please do not hold open the card reader controlled doors during
time period when the doors are locked. Proper operation of the access control fob requires that no metal be in
close proximity to the access control fob.
(June 2014)
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