BIOS update procedure – ALLVIEW Wi7/08.01.2015

BIOS update procedure – ALLVIEW Wi7
The BIOS update advantages are:
a more efficient resources management (an improved autonomy);
optimizing the battery parameters
ATTENTION! The tablet must be fully charged when initializing the procedure.
ATTENTION! Please do not stop under any circumstance the BIOS update operation.
The BIOS update is an operation which is realised on own responsibility by following the steps below.
To update the BIOS version of the ALLVIEW Wi7 tablet it is necessary to follow the next
1. Turn on the tablet and connect it to a wireless network.
2. Download the “” file in your tablet, then unzip the file. It will result a
3. Enter in the resulted folder Update_BIOS_Wi7 and open the batch file Update_BIOS file:
4. A command line window will open automatically, please press ENTER:
5. Click on YES and a new command line window will open automatically, see below:
After the successful BIOS installation, the tablet will reboot and the 2 command line
windows will close automatically.
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