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MightyMic W User Manual
MightyMic W
iPhone Bluetooth
Wireless Microphone
User Manual
Thank you for choosing the MightyMic W Bluetooth
microphone. In order to use the MightyMic W as a wireless
Microphone you will need to use either the MoviePro App for video
recording or other voice recording Apps for audio recording. Please
visit our website for the latest info on Apps and features.
Safety Rules
· To ensure your safety before using the Bluetooth
Microphone please carefully read through this user manual.
· Be wary of any sharp edges, uneven surfaces, metal parts,
accessories and their packaging so as to prevent any
possible injuries to you or damages to the microphone.
· Do not modify, repair or dismantle this Bluetooth
microphone. Doing so may result in fire, electric shocks,
complete failure of this Bluetooth Device, etc. All of which,
are not covered under the warranty.
· Do not use any solvents or volatile liquids to clean the
Bluetooth Microphone
· Do not use the Bluetooth Microphone in a hazardous
MightyMic W User Manual
Earphone jack
MightyMic W User Manua
Desired Result Required Action
Volume Up Press the “+“ button to increase the playback
Button volume
Volume Up
Volume Down
Power On/
Factory reset
General Functions
Volume Down Press the “-“ button to decrease the playback
Button volume
Low Battery The red LED will flash
Charging Plug the charger cable into the headphone jack
(A red LED will be on while charging and turn to
blue when charging is complete)
Battery Power Battery status will be shown on the top right
corner of the phone screen after paired. (Only on
IOS devices)
Factory reset At the same time press the “pwr “ and “-” buttons
for 5 seconds during the pairing mode to clear
the paired device list
Desired Result Required Action
Package Contents
Co n n e c t i o n
Turn On Press the “pwr“ button for 5 seconds when
the device is off. (Red LED flashes slowly)
· You must select a qualified charger from a reliable
· Do not use the USB charger cable on any other device
because of possible damage
· Unit contains Li-ion polymer batteries. Li-ion Polymer
batteries are volatile. Failure to read and follow the safety
instructions may result in fire, personal injury and damage
to property if charged or used improperly. By purchasing
and using this unit the buyer assumes all risks associated
with Li-ion batteries. Please dispose of properly.
1 Wireless Microphone
Enter the pairing When the device is off press the “pwr“ button
Mode for 10 seconds. (The blue LED and red LED
will alternately flash quickly)
1 USB Charging Cable
Pairing Use a Bluetooth compatible iPhone, iPad, or
other IOS device to perform the pairing action
1 Carrying Bag
Turn Off Press the “pwr“ button for 5 seconds when the
device is on. (All LED’s will glow and then shut
1 User Manual
MightyMic W User Manual
Di a g r a m
MightyMic W User Manual
MightyMic W User Manual
MightyMic W User Manual
Pairing to an iPhone or iPad device
Using the MightyMic W Microphone
Using the MightyMic W for audio recording
W arranty/Product Information
T o use your Bluetooth Microphone, you must first pair it with
a device. Once your Bluetooth Microphone is paired to a
specific device, they will remain paired and automatically
recognize each other whenever they are within range.
Make sure the MightyMic W is already paired to your phone or other IOS
Make sure your phone is set to airplane mode otherwise you may have
recordings interrupted by unwanted calls.
To hear playback audio while the Bluetooth microphone is
connected, swipe from the bottom to open the Control Center and
select the airplay button. Manually choose the device as the option
for playback.
1) T he MightyMic W will support audio App’s designed to work
external Bluetooth devices.
All Ampridge products come with a limited warranty that in normal
use the
product will be free of any defects in materials or workmanship as
Pairing Instructions:
T urn on your iPhone and insure the Bluetooth
function is activated
Using the button on the bottom of the microphone
set it to the pairing mode (hold for 10 seconds)
In the Settings App on the device select the
Bluetooth option. Look for a Bluetooth device listed
as “Ampridge”
Select the device listed as “Ampridge” to pair it to
the microphone. T he display should change from
“Not Paired” to “Connected
If you have paired before you may just need to touch
the “Ampridge” device to reconnect
Charging your Bluetooth Microphone
T his microphone uses a USB to 3.5mm 4 pin charging
cable. Use a USB charger (not included) to charge your
device. Make sure that you device is fully charged for at
least 6 hours before the initial use. Insert one terminal of
your charger cable into a USB phone charger or USB port of
a PC and connect the other terminal to the 3.5mm audio
jack on the microphone. While charging, the red LED on the
bottom will remain on. When charging is completed, the
LED will turn blue.
2) An audio App is needed such as the MightyMic App to do
Bluetooth audio recording. Please check our website for updates
regarding this or other supported Apps.
Technical Specifications
Using the MightyMic W with MoviePro for video recording
1) If the Bluetooth microphone is connected before the app starts,
upon starting the App you will see the "Microphone.” Symbol change to
2) If the Bluetooth microphone is connected after the app starts, the
microphone changes to blue to indicate a Bluetooth Microphone is
Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Profile
RF Range
Approx 30 feet (10M)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Receiver Output
20 mW
3) If the Bluetooth Microphone is disconnected while the app is active,
the app switches to the built-in microphone and the microphone
symbol changes back to plain white.
Signal to Noise Ratio > 85dB
4) T o confirm the microphone is connected do a test recording or go
into the Settings section. Upon leaving the Settings section the
Bluetooth microphone will become active again and the “Microphone”
symbol will appear again in blue.
Playback Time
About 4-5 hours
Charging Time
About 2 hours
5) Many updates are planned for Bluetooth options to further enhance
the features. Please check the website for updates regarding this or
other features.
MightyMic W User Manual
MightyMic W User Manual
Microphones are covered for a period of one year. Warranty does no
cover damage due to misuse, abuse, incorrect charging and other
inappropriate uses of this product and are not covered under the
warranty. If a product is defective, simply return it to an authorized
dealer for repair or replacement.
If this is not possible, please send an e-mail to to
arrange for return authorization.
Retailer and manufacturer shall not be liable for damages based on
inconvenience, loss of use of the cable, loss of time, interrupted
operation, or commercial loss or any other incidental or
consequential damages. T he sole obligation shall be to repair or
replace the original product or refund the purchase price if the
product is no longer available.
T his guarantee gives you specific legal rights: you may have other
legal rights which vary from state to state.
< 1%
MightyMic is a registered T rademark of Ampridge Mktg, LLC
Dimensions(LxWxH) 58 x 16.6 x 12.7 mm
MightyMic W User Manual
MightyMic W User Manual
USB Bluetooth 4.0 Windows PC
Setup Instructions
Insert a USB Bluetooth 4.0 or higher adapter into a USB slot on a PC
running Windows 7 or higher
Wait for the drivers to be installed
When the Bluetooth icon shows in the tray right-click on it and select
Add A Device
Place the mic into pairing mode. It should show a display for the
Ampridge Bluetooth headset
Click on the Ampridge device and hit next
When the device is paired successfully hit close
T o make the mic the input source or to adjust the mic sensitivity rightclick on the Bluetooth icon and select Show Bluetooth Devices. You can
also choose the desired playback device here as well
Right-Click on the Ampridge device and select Sound Settings. With
Sound Settings select the Recording T ab. Choose Bluetooth Audio Input
Device as the Default
Right-Click on the Bluetooth Audio Input Device and select Properties.
Click the level tab and adjust the sensitivity to the desired level using the
Click OK to close the setting screens
You are not ready to use the mic with popular programs like Skype,
Audacity, and Sound Recorder.
A flashing blue LED on the adapter is normal
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