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Acer recommends Windows 10 Pro.
TravelMate X349
Portable and lightweight - just 1.53 kg - yet robust and durable, the
TravelMate X349 allows professionals to focus on maximizing their
productivity as it can handle daily business operations smoothly and
efficiently, while it offers secure access through the touch fingerprint
Boost your
Style and portability
Ready for work
With its all-aluminium chassis sporting a brushed
metal finish, the TravelMate X349 is built to stand
out from the crowd and to appeal to design-minded
professionals. Sturdy and svelte at the same time, this
notebook is extremely portable, weighing just 1.53 kg
and measuring only 17.95 mm.
Powered by 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors,
TravelMate X349 can support up to 8GB of ultra-fast
DDR4 memory providing users with all the power
they need to multi-task with ease and to smoothly
handle any office task, while up to 512GB SSDs
dramatically increase the notebook’s performance and
To furher support mobility, the battery lasts up to 10
hours, allowing business people to move from meeting
to meeting and keep working while unplugged.
business appeal
Business people are increasingly relying on web
conferencing features. The TravelMate X349 is equipped
with a 720p HDR webcam and has earned the Skype for
Business Certification. As a result, users can count on
rich audio and crisp video for easier and more efficient
video conferencing.
•Full aluminium design, slim and lightweight
•14” Full HD IPS display reclining up to 180° for more flexible use
•Touch fingerprint reader
•6th generation Intel® Core™ processor and DDR4 memory
•USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C port
Windows 10 Pro means business.
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Windows 10 Pro means business.
Acer recommends Windows 10 Pro.
Enclosed in a full aluminium body with a brushed metal finish, the
TravelMate X349 couples an extremely appealing design with the
latest generation processors and a host of features meant to enhance
productivity, mobility and security.
Rich connectivity options
Built-in security and manageability
The TravelMate X349 is conveniently fitted with a
USB 3.1 Type C port that uses a thin and reversible
connector; enables users to quickly charge the
notebook or other devices; and supports ultra-fast data
transmission (up to 5 Gbps) and connection to high
resolution displays. What’s more, it allows the notebook
to be paired with Acer USB Type C Dock, to maximize
performance with all the accessories that can help
increase users’ productivity in the office.
When it comes to security and manageability,
TravelMate X349 exceeds expectations. The Touch
Fingerprint Scanner works in tandem with Windows
Hello to provide a secure and personal way to unlock
the device. As a result, users will be able to quickly
access the laptop without having to create or memorize
passwords. TravelMate X349 is preloaded with
Acer ProShield, which allows users to manage their
credentials and combines with Trusted Platform Module
(TPM) 2.0 to increase platform integrity and provide
hardware based protection.
Business users who work away from the office need to
rely on dependable and speedy network connections.
The TravelMate X349 features 802.11ac with 2x2 MIMO,
enabling wireless network connections up to six times
faster than with 802.11n.
Full metal design
With Acer Office Manager (AOM) small businesses can
easily deploy security policies, monitor IT assets and
schedule maintenance tasks.
Acer ControlCenter is a comprehensive solution that
makes it easier to manage your PC, saving time and
resources. In addition, any problems can be detected
and fixed promptly, so that the system stays healthy and
downtime can be avoided.
Superior usability
The TravelMate features a 14” display and can be
equipped with either a Full HD (1920x1080) or HD
(1366x768) panel. Both options feature IPS technology,
so that documents and webpages have bright and
consistent colours from viewing angles up to 180°, thus
improving usability and user experience. In addition, the
display can be pushed back to lie fully flat for sharing
content with a group of colleagues.
The chiclet keyboard, is not only perfect for typing
at length thanks to its 1.4 mm travel distance, but
with its backlit feature, allows users to work even
in dark environments, maximizing efficiency. Also,
the touchpad is bigger for better, more ergonomic
Windows 10 Pro means business.
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