IP6D-2 - Thorvin Electronics

Fully compliant with ISO 2603 and IEC 914 •
4 Operating modes
Easy to use
Digitally controlled 6-language dual unit
The Auditel Simultaneous Interpretation System caters for
situations where up to twelve interpreted languages are
required. The central CPU and the interpreters’ units are
microprocessor based and provide full digital control of
audio routing and interlocks. Cabling is straightforward,
the interpreters units connecting on a bus principle via
just two loop-through cables. The equipment is robust,
easy to use, and complies with all current standards
relating to conference applications. The system is selfcontained and may be used in conjunction with
microphone and language distribution systems from a
variety of sources, although it is of course ideally suited
for use with such equipment available from Auditel.
The IP6D/2 is a 6-language, Digitally Controlled, Dual
Interpreter’s Console. It complies with ISO 2603 and IEC
914 and is available in portable or fixed (F) versions. The
console is housed in a compact, rugged steel enclosure,
and being a dual unit it offers a very cost-effective
The monitoring facilities include headphone floor/relay
selection, with level and tone controls. The built in floor
channel loudspeaker is automatically muted when any of
the interpreters’ microphones in the booth are live.
Output channel selection is by means of individual push
button switches with LED indicators for “channel selected”
and “channel engaged” (by another booth). The channel
High Quality audio
Simple cabling
Compact, rugged enclosure
Up to 5 units per booth
selected is not engaged unless either of the microphones
is live, and the floor language is automatically routed
through all unoccupied channels. The microphone on/off
button is illuminated and its position is detectable by
touch in accordance with the regulations (for the benefit of
the visually impaired). A “cough” button temporarily mutes
the microphone without disengaging the channel. A
rewriteable label strip is provided for identification of
channel assignment.
A two-way visual signalling system makes it possible to
call the operator or to alert the interpreter to a problem,
and a “speak slowly” warning system to the operator and
chairman is supported. There is an optional audio “call”
facility to the operator, and provision for linking to a
separate booth intercom system.
The unit can be used with separate microphones and
headphones (e.g. Auditel MIC2+HS-2), or with a
combined headset and boom microphone (e.g. Auditel
The interpreters units interconnect via a dual cable set one for power/data and the other for audio. Factory made
cable sets are available for loop-through connection, or
alternatively the system can be wired on a trunk system
using proprietary cables with junction boxes in the booths.
Up to five units per booth can be used.
flexible conference and voting solutions
Technical Data
VOLUME/TONE controls for headset (2 nos.).
FLOOR/RELAY selector switch (2 nos.).
MIC ON/OFF, COUGH & CALL switches (2 nos.).
VOLUME control for loudspeaker.
OUTPUT CHANNEL selector switches with LED
indicators for Channel Selected (Green) and Channel
Engaged (Red).
SPEAK SLOWLY signal switch.
CALL ENGINEER to summon assistance.
ALERT warning from the operator.
INTERCOM linked to handset (optional).
DIL switches to set Unit/Booth code.
Frequency response
100Hz–15kHz (-3dB)
Distortion at 1kHz
0.1% max.
S:N Ratio at 1mV input
Better than 72dB
Frequency response
175Hz–16kHz (-3dB)
Power Handling
87dB/W/m at 1kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH)
360x165x85mm (Portable)
322x127x82mm (Fixed)
Architects and Engineers specification
The console shall be a dual unit and it shall be possible to use up to 5 units per booth. It shall be digitally controlled with 4
operating modes and 6 language channels and shall comply with ISO 2603. It shall have individual controls for headset
volume and tone, floor/relay selector switches and relay channel selectors. There shall be sockets for headphones and
microphones and 5-pin DIN sockets to allow mic/headset combinations to be used. There shall also be mic ON/OFF and
COUGH switches. The console shall include a floor channel loudspeaker and volume control, channel identification strip and
6 output channel selector switches with LED indicators - Channel Selected (green) and Channel Engaged (red). There shall
also be a two-way visual signalling system with SPEAK SLOWLY and CALL ENGINEER buttons, an “Alert” warning LED
and an LED linked to the booth intercom handset. Units shall be suitable for loop-through or trunk connections via
proprietary cables. The console shall have a frequency response better than 100Hz-15kHz (-3dB), distortion less than 0.1%
at 1 kHz, and S:N better than 72dB.
We reserve the right to vary the specification without notice in the interest of product improvement
conference and interpretation systems
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