11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus
1000 Kit
Extend your Wi-Fi anywhere in your home
The 11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 1000 Kit offers a high
performance Homeplug powerline adaptor and an 11ac Dual
Band Wi-Fi Home Hotspot designed to increase the range of your
broadband in the home.
Wi-Fi doesn't reach?
Use your home's power sockets to create a secure Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Need high-speed internet all over your home?
11ac dual-band Wi-Fi is ideal for downloading music, streaming
HD video content or for playing online games. Also you can
connect your devices via an ethernet cable.
Want great performance and reliability?
Extend your broadband to any wired or wireless device
in the house.
Main Features
Uses your home’s electrical wiring to extend your broadband network anywhere in the house
Simple push-button Wi-Fi connection set-up with hotspot
Works with all broadband providers
Two Ethernet ports for multiple wired devices
Link with other HomePlug AV powerline adaptors
11ac Dual Band wireless technology up to 867 Mbps
Compatible with AV2, AV200, AV500 and AV600 technology devices
Uses latest AV2 technology for smooth multiple HD / 3D streaming
Faster downloads and online gaming
Secure wireless network – no configuration necessary
Pass-through socket
Works out of the box
Product Data Sheet – 11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 1000 Kit
Draft: Version 1.1
Specification subject to change without prior notice
Product Specification
System requirements
Works with any operating system
Other features
Guest Hotspot with its own key
Web configuration interface
Easy pull-out wireless settings card
Hotspot: Wireless (Red & Blue), Power,
Data, Ethernet (Blue)
Extender Flex: Power, Ethernet (Blue),
Data (Tri-colour)
Hotspot: Power (On/Off), WPS, Link
Reset (Pinhole)
Extender Flex: Link
Hotspot: WEP 128/64 (40) bit open, WPA
• Extender Flex: 128 bit AES
• Hotspot: 2 x GigE RJ45 (IEEE 802.3
10/100/1000 Mbps)
• Hotspot: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
• Extender Flex: 2 x GigE RJ45 (IEEE 802.3
• Extender Flex: Homeplug AV2
10/100/1000 Mbps)
Data rate
• Hotspot:
• Operating Temp: 0 to 40ºC
o Wi-Fi: 5 GHz - 867 Mbps, 2.4 GHz • Operating Humidity: 10% to 85%
Power consumption
o Powerline: Up to 600 Mbps*
Extender Flex: Up to 1000 Mbps*
Package content
11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 1000
Broadband Extender Flex 1000
Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guide
Weight & dimensions
Power Supply
230V ± 15%, 50Hz ± 3%
Hotspot: 9.95 W In Operation, 5.34 W
Network standby, 0.1 W Off mode
Extender Flex: 5.2 W In Operation, 3.5 W
Network standby, 0.5 W Standby mode
Hotspot: 278(g), 14.2(H) x 8.3(W) x
8.0(D) cm
Extender Flex: 210(g), 12.9(H) x 6.2(W) x
6.9(D) cm
Max HomePlug Nodes
*Maximum theoretical phy rate for this technology.
Product Data Sheet – 11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 1000 Kit
Draft: Version 1.1
Specification subject to change without prior notice
Product Information
Weights and dimensions
Item code
Weight (gms):
Dimensions (cm):
Extender Flex:
Weight (gms):
Dimensions (cm):
14.2 (H) x 8.3 (W) x 8.0 (D)
12.9 (H) x 6.2 (W) x 6.9 (D)
Giftbox – dimensions / complete / empty
CSS code
Dimensions (cm):
16.9(H) x 22.5(W) x 11.1(D)
Weight – complete (gms): 825
Weight – empty (gms):
Overpack – dimensions / complete
Giftbox barcode
Dimensions (cm):
35.7(H) x 56.4(W) x 46.1(D)
Weight – complete (kgs): 17.7
No. of giftboxes per overpack
Overpack barcode
Pallet Ti's x Hi's
Packaging Details
Shrink Wrap
Item packaging (kg)
Inner Carton (kg)
Outer Carton (kg)
Technical support:
Available from the BT Helpdesk on Freephone 0808 100 6116 or via the email link on the product page at www.bt.com/producthelp
Status: Development
Product Data Sheet – 11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 1000 Kit
Draft: Version 1.1
Country of manufacture: China
Specification subject to change without prior notice
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