900 Serial, w/LCD, 6 ft cable, USB or Wireless USB

900 Serial, w/LCD, 6 ft cable, USB or Wireless USB
Price: $255
Availability: Lead Time 3-5
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Description: Now shipping with the 12 printed keys installed, a bag with
spare 1x1 relegendable keys and a keycap puller. Additional
Key Caps can be purchased here
Back-lit LCD
Magnetic Card Reader
Bar Code Reader
6 foot cable
25 foot cable
The Genovation Mini-Terminal, available in 20 key
configuration, is a macro-programmable LCD serial terminal
that also includes a programmable buzzer. The Mini-Terminal
supports simple and complex re-programmable key macros as
well as re-programmable system configuration through the
RS232 serial port with a wide variety of baud rates and word
20-Keys (Full-Travel 50 million ops) Includes
Relegendable Keycaps
1x16 Super-Twist back-lit LCD display (Sealed)
Fully-Programmable Serial Settings
Fully-Programmable Key Table
RS232C Compliant (Half-Duplex)
Serial Cable (6' or 2 Meters)
Internal Buzzer/Alarm (Audible Key Beeper)
Internal "Flash" memory holds Key data and Settings.
Includes Genovation re-programming software
"MacroMaster232" for easy customization & setup
Operates in standard terminal or line-edit (pin-pad)
Full-Travel, 20-key Terminal
Standard RS232C Serial
4.5" x 3.75" x 2"
0.74 lb
OS Requirements
OS Supported: Windows 95 / 98, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, XP
Standard RS-232 works on any OS
Connects to RS232C Serial Port (DB-9)
Two levels; 100 bytes per key per level programmablilty
20-key Full-Travel, Cherry, Gold Contact (50,000,000+ ops)
Keypad size is 6” x 3.75” x 2”
Weight of keypad alone is 0.74 lb
Temperature range is 0 to 60 deg C. (32 to 140 deg F)
1x16 Super-Twist “STN” type back-lit LCD
5v DC regulated wall adaptor included
Complies with FCC
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