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Skeletonized 1U CubeSat Kit Flight Model with Solar Panel Clips, FM430 Flight Module and
Microhard MHX transceiver installed. Shown approximately life-size.
Profile Benefits
• The affordable,
off-the-shelf professionally
engineered CubeSat kit. Ready
to turn your CubeSat mission into reality.
• 300g total mass1 maximizes available user payload.
• Provides hardware solutions for structure, C&DH, RTC, mass storage, RBF and
development / debug systems in a single commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) package.
• User-selectable Pluggable Processor Modules (PPMs) with powerful 8- and 16-bit
microcontrollers can operate continuously in orbit due to low power requirements.
• Wiring-free interconnect scheme accepts user modules and/or PC/104 modules as
payload on standardized stacking connectors, thereby increasing reliability.
• Compatibility with any conforming transceiver eases COM integration.
• Included SalvoTM Pro multitasking RTOS, EFFS-THIN FAT-compatible SD Card
software and CubeSat Kit software speed software development and reduce system
complexity -- ideal for software design teams.2
• +5Vdc primary supply for all on-board electronics simplifies power supply design.
• Add COM, EPS, antenna(s), mission software and internal and/or external payloads.
• Transition seamlessly from development / debug / test environment to your
launchable CubeSat with included Development Board and Flight Model.
• Meet your launch date on time and under budget.
• Rigid and lightweight aluminum construction with only three major assemblies and all-stainless fasteners.
• Structure is fully alodyned for electrical conductivity. Wear surfaces are hard-anodized.
• Available in standard 1U (10x10x10cm), 0.5U, 1.5U, 2U, 3U and custom configurations.
• All flight components rated for -40 to +85 ºC.
• Available Flight MCUs include:
• PPM A1/A2/A3, 7.3728-16MHz: TI's ultra-low-power 16-bit MSP430F1612/1611/2618 MCUs
• PPM B1, 100MIPS@100MHz: Silicon Labs® 8-bit C8051F120 MCU
• PPM D1, 16MIPS@32MHz: Microchip® 16-bit PIC24FJ256GA110 MCU
• PPM D2, 40MIPS@80MHz: Microchip® dsPIC33FJ256GP710 DSC
• Each processor family provides a minimum of multiple timers, 2xUART, 2xSPI, 1xI2C, 8xADC, Flash, RAM,
low-power modes and JTAG/debug interfaces. See individual PPM datasheets for more information.
• 104-pin stackable CubeSat Kit Bus connects user modules without wires. Supports multiple stacking heights.
• Accepts up to 5 PC/104-sized user modules. COTS +5V PC/104 modules supported on separate bus.
• Configurable Remove-Before-Flight (RBF) and Launch switches rated at 10A each.2
• Kit can accommodate any +5V/+3.3V transceiver via adapters or as a user-designed module for COM.
Drop-in compatibility with Microhard Systems MHX series OEM transceivers.3
• Bus-powered USB interface for on-the-launcher monitoring, firmware upgrades, etc. On-board electronics
can be powered directly from USB interface.4
• Requires only a single +5Vdc power supply -- also has external +5Vdc bus power connector.
• Development Board is electrically identical to Motherboard+PPM, with additional features for debugging.
750 Naples Street
San Francisco, CA 94112 USA
tel: 415-584-6360
fax: 415-585-7948
1. Figure for complete Rev D skeletonized chassis, Rev C FM430 Flight Module,
Microhard MHX-2400 transceiver and fastening hardware.
2: A C compiler compatible with the selected processor family and Pumpkin's Salvo
RTOS, EFFS-THIN and CubeSat Kit software is required. See price list for details.
3: Each switch has C, NC and NO contacts available.
4: +5Vdc is available to power transceiver. User radios matching the MHX series'
physical and electrical form factors can plug directly into the FM430 Flight Module.
See for more information on the MHX series of
spread-spectrum transceivers. User radios can also be implemented as
PC/104-size modules that connect directly to the CubeSat Kit Bus.
5: 500mA max over USB. Multi-platform USB drivers included with kit.
6: Contents are subject to change without notice. CubeSat Kit shown with Rev C
solid-wall 1U structure with optional transceiver installed. The appearance and
specifications of some components shown may differ from current production.
Specifications subject to change without notice. Made in USA.
© 2000-2010 Pumpkin, Inc. All rights reserved. Pumpkin and the Pumpkin logo, Salvo
and the Salvo logo, and the CubeSat Kit name and logo are trademarks of Pumpkin,
Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
707-00273-H 04/2010
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