Aleratec 1:21 USB Flash Drive Copy Cruiser™
USB Flash Drive Duplicator
Part No. 330104
The innovative new Aleratec 1:21 US Flash Drive Copy CruiserTM duplicates up to 21 USB flash drives at once. The 1:21
USB Flash Drive Copy Cruiser is a simple, fully integrated unti that connects to your PC with only one USB cable. The
Aleratec USB Duplicator Software Suite is a robust, full featured package with a job wizard that guide you in selecting
parameters and functions such as Copy Only, Format Only, Format and Copy, Verify, Format, Copy and Verify, Image
Copy, Format, and Verify, Create Image and allows you tho select the number of copies needed. During a copy job the
software displays the number of copies completed successfully.
Copy - The copy function duplicates the source to the selcted target USB flash drives
Format - Formats the selected USB flash drives
Verify - Examines the target USB flash drives can be read correctly after copying
Format and Copy - Combines the Format and Copy functions together. After formating the copy function will automatically start.
Copy and Verify - Combines both the Copy function and the Verify function together. After the copying verify will automatically start.
Format, Copy and Verify - Combines all three functions together.
Image Copy - Copy from image file to target USB flash drives
Image Copy and Verify - This combines the Image Copy and Verify functions together.
Format, Image Copy and Verify - This combines the three functions together same as Format, Copy and Verify.
Create Image - This function allows users to create an image file from any USB Flash Drive for use with image copy
Power Requirements
Distance Between Slots
Single USB 2.0
• Duplicate 21 USB flash drives
• Powerful Aleratec USB Duplication
Software Suite
Horiz. Center-to-Center 12.9mmm
• PC Connected
Center-to-Center 43mm
Dimensions (LxWxH in)
11.3 x 7.3 x 6.9
6.8 Lb
Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2),
Vista, 21 Available Drive Letters
Aleratec, Inc.
9851 Owensmouth Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311
Toll Free: (866) 88-ALERATEC (866 882 5372) • Phone: (818) 678-6900 • Fax: (818) 678-0486
Aleratec and 1:21 USB Flash Drive Copy Cruiser are trademarks of Aleratec, Inc. All ofther product names are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Specifications subject to change without notice
November 2007 Rev B
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