Dell Compellent Storage Center

Dell Compellent Storage Center
Enterprise storage for virtualized data centers and the cloud
The Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center™ SAN is an all-in-one storage array that allows organizations to
actively manage data at a highly granular level using built-in intelligence and automation. With its Fluid
Data architecture, Storage Center always puts data in the right place at the right time for the right cost.
This ultra-efficient, easy-to-manage storage solution optimizes drive utilization, dynamically moves
data between storage tiers and RAID levels, continuously protects data against downtime and disaster,
scales on demand, and quickly adapts to ever-changing business needs. Storage Center enables
organizations to cut the time, cost and risk of managing enterprise storage—today and in the future.
Manage data differently with a Fluid Data
Increase storage efficiency with intelligent,
automated software
Storage Center leverages a patented Fluid Data architecture that
changes the way organizations manage data. Empowered by
real-time system information about each block of data, Storage
Center optimizes data placement, management and protection
throughout its lifecycle. Storage is provisioned without wasting
capacity. Data is moved where it’s needed, when it’s needed,
based on actual use and performance needs. And data is
continuously protected using pointer-based snapshots. This level
of data awareness also enables Storage Center to virtualize the
storage infrastructure, bringing new efficiency, agility and resiliency
to enterprise storage by creating a pool of high-performance
storage shared by all servers and applications.
Dell Compellent Fluid Data technology empowers organizations to
move beyond simply storing data to actively managing data. Builtin intelligence and automation optimize the storage environment,
and every enterprise feature is fully integrated for optimum
efficiency, flexibility and performance.
Scale on a persistent, open, agile platform
Storage Center is built on a flexible, persistent hardware platform
that dynamically scales to meet business requirements. Unlike
systems that require you to rip and replace technology as your
business needs change, Storage Center supports the continual
adoption of new technologies as you grow. You can easily mix
and match drive technologies and build a unified storage solution
without ever worrying about a forklift upgrade.
Organizations can start with any size Storage Center array
and expand over time, only having to replace components if
upgrading to new technologies. You can intermix SSD, FC and
SAS drive technologies, as well as iSCSI, FCoE and FC front-end
interconnects—all in the same system at the same time. This allows
you to use any combination of industry-standard technology
at any time, and you can add capacity or make configuration
changes without downtime or disruption. Incorporating the
latest data center technologies is as simple as plugging in new
components on the fly. Storage Center adjusts automatically,
restriping data across all drives and updating the in-flight use
Storage Center leverages a comprehensive software suite with
advanced functionality. At the core of the solution is true storage
virtualization, which pools all resources across the array for
maximum efficiency and performance. Thin provisioning software,
called Dynamic Capacity™, ensures capacity is only utilized on
write. Data Progression™, automated tiered storage software,
dynamically moves data to the optimum tier and RAID level.
Space-efficient snapshot technology, called Data Instant Replay™,
ensures near-instant recovery to any point in time. Remote Instant
Replay™ provides thin replication to provide a cost-effective yet
highly robust disaster recovery solution. And dynamic business
continuity software, called Live Volume™, allows for the online
movement of volumes between arrays without disruption. Plus,
you can manage your entire storage infrastructure using advanced
automation and a single pane of glass.
Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN
Storage Capacity*
Each system supports up to 1,232 FC drives or 960 SAS drives.
Hard Drives
Each 3.5" FC enclosure holds up to 16 FC or 14 SSD drives (with a FC drive in bays 1 and 16).
Each 3.5" SAS enclosure holds up to 12 SAS drives. Each 2.5" SAS enclosure holds up to 24 SAS
3.5” Drive Performance and Capacities**
15,000 RPM SAS drives available in 450GB and 600GB
15,000 RPM FC drives available in 300GB and 600GB
10,000 RPM FC drives available in 450GB
7,200 RPM SAS drives available in 1TB and 2TB
2.5” Drive Performance and Capacities
15,000 RPM SAS drives available in 146GB
10,000 RPM SAS drives available in 450GB and 600GB
7,200 RPM SAS drives available in 1TB
SAS Solid State Drive (SSD) available in 200GB
Host Connectivity
Maximum of 22 front-end ports per controller.
A switch is recommended for all configurations and required for clustered controller
Storage Controllers and RAID Levels
Storage Controllers
Each Series 40 controller features a 2.53GHz Quad-core processor, 6 PCI-E expansion slots
and 4GB of battery-less multi-threaded read-ahead mirrored cache
Each Series 30 controller features a 3.00GHz Dual-core processor, 1 PCI-X and 4 PCI-E
expansion slots and 3.5GB of battery-backed multi-threaded read-ahead mirrored cache
Multi-path software provides failover management of redundant data paths between the server
and storage array
Virtual ports increase port capacity, drive bandwidth, I/O connectivity and port failover
RAID Levels
Support for RAID levels 0, 5, 6 and 10
Any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single Storage Center
Multiple RAID levels can exist on the same storage tier within an array
Storage is virtualized and pooled across array without RAID group limitations
Enterprise Software
Storage Center Core
Drive Virtualization: Manage drives as a single pool and present drive resources to any server.
Port Virtualization: Increase port capacity, drive bandwidth and I/O connectivity while enhancing
Server Mapping: Rapidly map hundreds of virtual servers simultaneously.
Drive Optimizer: Intelligently restripes data as drives are added to optimize performance.
Thin Import: Convert data from legacy systems into thin provisioned volumes on a Dell
Compellent SAN.
Application Optimizer: Set the size of data transfers within the SAN to match I/O performance
for different applications.
Copy-Mirror-Migrate: Make copies or mirrors and migrate volumes without impacting users.
Boot from SAN: Allow driveless servers to share storage resources and boot from the SAN.
Heterogeneous OS: Support any number of simultaneous operating systems.
LUN Masking: Hide unassigned LUN/ID numbers for secure storage domains.
Performance Monitoring: Real-time reports to identify and optimize performance and utilization.
Unified User Interface: Enterprise-level functionality through a common intuitive user interface.
System Administration: Operate from any standard browser. Create unique user profiles with
administrator configured privileges.
Remote Monitoring/Phone Home: Remotely report status and automatically trigger service
Storage Center Applications
Data Instant Replay™: Create space-efficient Replays (snapshots) that restore data
instantaneously while ensuring the integrity of enterprise application data spanning multiple
volumes (Consistency Groups).
Remote Instant Replay™: Create space-efficient Replays (snapshots) of data at multiple locations
and expedite initial synchronization (Portable Volume).
Dynamic Capacity™: Allocate space based on actual data written (Thin Provisioning).
Data Progression™: Automate tiered storage between storage classes based on user-defined rules.
Fast Track™: Place active data on the outer tracks of a spinning drive.
Dynamic Controllers: Cluster storage controllers to increase system availability and
Enterprise Manager™: Comprehensive monitoring, reporting and remote replication management.
Multipath Manager for Microsoft Servers: Failover and load balancing for Microsoft Servers
Replay Manager™ for Microsoft Servers: Non-disruptive Replays for Microsoft Servers (VSS).
Live Volume™: Online migration of volumes between storage systems.
* The maximum usable capacity supported by a system varies based on configuration.
** SATA drives and enclosures are supported on existing Storage Center SANs, but are not available for new customers.
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