Thunder CFW IPsec site-to-site VPN – Massive

Solution Brief
Thunder CFW IPsec site-to-site VPN
Massive Scale and Throughput Traffic Encryption
To protect communications, businesses
and service providers need to encrypt
data at high speed and scale VPN
tunnel capacity on-demand.
A10 Networks empowers businesses
and service providers to reduce their
data center footprint and ensure data
Data Privacy Challenges
Organizations of all sizes rely on IPsec VPNs to prevent snooping and data theft and to
address compliance. IPsec provides a cost-effective and secure way to transfer data over
IP networks.
While IPsec is a mature and well understood technology, new networking paradigms
like cloud computing, as well as escalating bandwidth requirements, are compelling
enterprises and service providers to rethink their VPN strategies. As a result, there is a
requirement to develop VPN architectures that can:
• Support unprecedented IPsec throughput levels privacy with a high-performance IPsec
• Leverage BGP routing for high availability and rapid scaling VPN solution, which is integrated with
• Spin up new IPsec tunnels and gateways on-demand in cloud environments other key security and application
• Minimize power consumption and rack space requirements for data center
delivery components.
• High performance IPsec VPN, traffic
inspection, and stateful firewall
functionality • Encrypt data at unparalleled speeds efficiency
Organizations need a solution they can trust to deliver reliable IPsec connectivity, and one
that can interoperate with their existing routers and IPsec VPN gateways. The Need to Protect Data
Organizations typically transfer sensitive data between remote sites and now increasingly
to public and private clouds. The need to protect data from eavesdropping and hijacking is
• Reduce rack space and power
requirements a requirement for most businesses, government agencies and service providers. In order to
• Scale capacity by launching new
VPN gateways on-demand Using IPsec, IP packets can be secured between sites by providing data origin
• Securely interconnect remote
sites over the Internet using high
performance hardware-based IPsec
cryptographic security
using strong encryption. Using A10 Networks Thunder® Convergent Firewall (CFW), a
protect the transfer of sensitive data, a site-to-site VPN solution should be implemented.
authentication, access control, protection against data replays and confidentiality
high-performance IPsec solution can be deployed and easily integrated into an existing
network infrastructure and centrally managed along with other critical security features,
such as SSL Insight® and a firewall to protect data center applications.
A10’s IPsec Solution
A10 Thunder CFW includes IPsec encryption capabilities that enable enterprises and
service providers to build out large-scale VPN deployments. By supporting up to 20,000
VPN tunnels per Thunder CFW platform and a broad array of encryption algorithms and
data integrity methods, organizations can deploy Thunder CFW alongside their existing
VPN equipment or build out new VPN networks with Thunder CFW appliances.
The A10 Thunder CFW IPsec solution has achieved the IPsec IKEv2 certification
from ICSA Labs. ICSA Labs testing and certification ensures that A10 Thunder
CFW performs as intended and provides interoperable, cryptographically-based
security services for IP layer environments.
Thunder CFW supports a comprehensive set of features in addition
• Intelligent routing to increase VPN capacity – Thunder
to IPsec VPN, including advanced server load balancing, Network
CFW supports Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, which
Address Translation (NAT), IPv4 and IPv6 routing, data center and
not only allows BGP routers to communicate across IPsec
Gi/SGi firewalls, SSL Insight, secure Web gateway and many other
VPN tunnels, but also enables organizations to boost IPsec
traffic security features. By delivering a wide range of networking
capacity simply by deploying more Thunder CFW appliances.
features, organizations can support complex network designs and
Using BGP, Thunder CFW deployments can scale to support
granularly control access to remote resources without needing to
terabit bandwidth requirements without complicated
deploy and manage numerous appliances. All of these features, in
network designs or forklift hardware upgrades, and they
addition to IPsec, are provided standard with Thunder CFW.
can deploy more Thunder CFW appliances to increase IPsec
throughput. VRRP-A integrates with BGP to inject routes and
High Availability and Rapid Scaling
ensure smooth route failovers. Thunder CFW also supports
For many organizations, VPNs serve business critical functions
such as data migration, disaster recovery, remote user access,
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for fast path failure
detection and route convergence.
and connecting data centers to cloud networks. Regardless of the
• Bandwidth aggregation by load balancing traffic over
use case, organizations depend on VPNs to run their business and
multiple paths – Thunder CFW leverages Equal-Cost
these VPNs must always be available.
Multipath (ECMP) routing to increase total IPsec VPN
Thunder CFW supports an array of clustering, high availability
and dynamic routing features that maximize uptime, not just for
IPsec VPN routes, but also to ensure connectivity to servers and
applications. High availability and scaling features include:
• Route monitoring and failover – Using A10 Networks
bandwidth. ECMP, combined with BGP, allows routers to
support multiple network routes simultaneously, allowing
Thunder CFW to load balance traffic across multiple paths to
boost overall VPN capacity.
High-Performance Architecture
Thunder CFW leverages unique software and hardware design
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
advantages to deliver exceptional IPsec performance. The A10
implementation (VRRP-A), Thunder CFW can monitor route
Networks Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) powers
and VPN gateway failures
and rapidly failover traffic to a
Thunder CFW appliances. Built from the ground up to maximize
passive Thunder CFW appliance. Supporting up to eight
the performance of multicore CPU architectures, ACOS can linearly
appliances in a cluster, VRRP-A can detect unresponsive
scale compute processing as more CPU cores are added, providing
services, servers and applications and identify infrastructure
unparalleled performance in a compact form factor.
failures. With A10 Networks Virtual Chassis System (aVCS®),
multiple A10 devices can function as a single virtual chassis,
with a single point of control and centralized statistics.
ACOS uses scalable symmetric multiprocessing (SSMP) to leverage
supercomputing techniques for parallel processing and to maximize
the performance of multicore architectures. Due to its highly scalable
64-bit operating system optimized for multicore architectures,
Thunder CFW appliances deliver unmatched IPsec VPN performance.
Multi-Site VPN
Data Center
Thunder CFW
Thunder CFW 2
BGP Cloud
Thunder CFW n
• IPsec VPN
• Access Control Lists
Encrypted VPN
VPN Site 1
VPN Site 2
VPN Site 3
Thunder CFW
Thunder CFW
Thunder CFW
• IPsec VPN
• Access Control Lists
Figure 1: Thunder CFW can connect to multiple VPN sites over a BGP cloud
Thunder CFW Thunder CFW Thunder CFW
• IPsec VPN
Thunder CFW Thunder CFW Thunder CFW
• IPsec VPN
Figure 2: Users can forward traffic destined for the remote VPN site through the Thunder CFW appliance
and send all other traffic directly to the Internet
Select Thunder CFW hardware models include dedicated security
processors that accelerate IPsec encryption speed. Supporting
• Meet growing IPsec throughput requirements by leveraging
A10’s 64-bit ACOS platform and specialized security
multiple security processors on a rack-mountable appliance, Thunder
CFW provides fast IPsec encryption without forcing organizations to
deploy cumbersome and inefficient chassis-based systems.
processors • Consolidate IPsec VPN, data center and Gi/SGi firewalls,
Network Address Translation (NAT), IPv4 and IPv6 routing,
SSL Insight, secure Web gateway, server load balancing and
Because of Thunder CFW’s high-performance and data center
optimized design, organizations can reduce the number of appliances
they need to provision, lowering capital and operating expenses as
well as reducing data center rack space and power costs.
additional security functionality on a single device
• Lower hardware, operating and maintenance costs with
Thunder CFW’s data center efficient design • Support public, private and hybrid cloud provisioning and BGP
networking requirements
Organizations need a solution they can trust to deliver reliable
IPsec connectivity, and they also need one that can interoperate
with their existing routers and IPsec VPN gateways. Thunder
A10 Networks is a leader in application networking, providing a
range of high-performance application networking solutions that
CFW’s IPsec VPN capability enables organizations to encrypt
traffic at high speed and support BGP routing and on-demand
VPN provisioning. Using Thunder CFW’s IPsec VPN technology,
organizations can:
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