1. Details Classic Rectangular
Keyboard Tray
2. Radius Platform
Keyboard Tray
3. Diagonal Platform
Keyboard Tray
Keyboard Mechanisms & Platforms – the other key component to a
good keyboard tray setup.
Dial Indicator6 Mechanism
The perfect height and tilt - every time you use your
keyboard tray. For a personalized custom fit, the
highly adjustable mechanism provides both the
desired keyboard height and tilt through an easy-toaccess visual gauge.
Lift and Lock Mechanism
Ergonomic performance wherever and however you
need it. Work the way you want to work. Our Lift and
Lock Mechanism gives you the freedom to position
your keyboard in the most comfortable, easy to use
Stella Mechanism
With its slim profile and contoured design, Stella
is able to provide a full range of flexibility that
other keyboard mechanisms simply can't reach.
Take it above the work surface, or tuck it away
underneath - it's completely up to you. Stella is
crafted using aircraft quality materials, to offer a
platform that's as sturdy as it is flexible.
Additional keyboard information
The trays and lifting mechanisms listed on above are available locally from Capital
Office Systems. Capital will install the mechanisms for you. They are also
available on-line, but the cost does not include shipping or installation.
If you do not find a tray you like here, there are others available. If you are ordering
from another location make sure the tray is a least 28 inches wide. This allows
ample room for the keyboard and the mouse. Both the mouse and keyboard need
to be on the same level to meet ergonomic standards.
Good keyboard trays allow for proper centering and height adjustment of keyboards
in front of monitors. Proper placement and use of keyboard trays help to keep our
workers healthy and pain free.
Corner Filler
This will turn any corner into usable space.
Available from Steelcase.
Keep comfortable and injury-free with keyboard wrist
support. Cushioned wrist supports will keep your hands
and wrists ergonomically positioned during work, and
resting easy during short keying breaks. Fits keyboards
22” wide by 9 ½” deep. Available from Steelcase.
Neo-Flex® LCD & Laptop Lift Stand
Perfect for extensive laptop computing—work
healthy and comfortable. Simply combine your
notebook with an LCD display, separate
keyboard and mouse to create a productive dualdisplay configuration.
Save time by viewing multiple applications at
once. With this stand’s height adjustment, tilt and
rotation, you’ll get desktop computing comfort
combined with the portability of a laptop.
Available from
Neo-Flex® Notebook Lift Stand
This stand’s six-inch (15 cm) motion range offers true
ergonomic adjustment—lift and tilt a laptop’s screen to
eye-level and increase comfort and productivity.
Available from
Neo-Flex® Desk Mount Tablet Arm
Give your iPad or a similar tablet more flexibility. Just
snap it into the cradle to free your hands: use a
Bluetooth keyboard for intensive computing; position
your tablet within your digital workflow. Available from
Working within Reach
When monitors are elevated off the work
surface by monitor arms, valuable space
immediately in front of the worker is freed up.
Monitor arms allow easy adjustment and
repositioning of monitors, making a
workstation easier to use for multiple
IMAK Mouse-Wrist Cushion with ergoBeads
Model: A10166 Smooth plastic bead filling gently
supports and massages your hands and wrists. Raises
wrists to ergonomically correct positions and helps
prevent stress to wrists. Breathable cotton Lycra feels
cool against your skin.
There are many other products out there. If you find something new or different please let us
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