LiquidIO Adapters
Cavium LiquidIO® II Server Adapter Family
Single/Dual 10/25 Gigabit Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
Product Brief
Cavium’s LiquidIO® II server adapters with 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, built using Cavium’s market
leading technology, provide the best-in-class performance for hyperscale, Telco, and enterprise/
private datacenters with intelligent network, storage and security acceleration.
Cloud infrastructure requires optimizing equipment
for performance, cost and power at scale. Intelligent
adapters can achieve these goals by moving specific
workloads onto highly optimized adapter hardware,
leaving the host server to run more efficiently. Moving
network virtualization, storage protocols, security,
SDN and network overlay to the adapter can dramatically improve overall OpEx and CapEx.
LiquidIO adapters provide flexible IO capabilities,
advanced network and security hardware accelerators, and software support to provide the best-inclass performance for various cloud data center
models, including hyperscale, Telco, enterprise and
hybrid clouds. Server and network virtualization put
extra demands on server infrastructure and LiquidIO
adapters provide an efficient solution.
Key Benefits
• Maximize east-west scalability on Compute nodes
with virtual machine density
• Network Acceleration with maximum application
• Storage acceleration with NVMe
• Custom programmability for faster time to market
with new features
• CPU offload of compute intensive applications and
transport operations
• Workload optimized software for performance and
compute scalability
• Reduces power, management and infrastructure costs
Key Features
• Flexible I/O for Cloud scale – 10/25 GigE
• Network & Security Acceleration
• NVMe Over Fabrics with L2 Transport
• NFV based Dynamic Intelligent Service Chaining
• Network and Security Offload
Virtual Switch
IPsec and SSL
Overlay Network
DPI Offload
Layer 3 - 7 classification
• QoS with Traffic Metering
• Header and Packet Parsing
Figure 1: LiquidIO® II Adapter Block Diagram
Quality of Service (QoS)
LiquidIO Features and Benefits
DPI Accelerators The DPI hardware engine includes DPI HFA (Hyper
Finite Automata) engines for generic packet
analysis and a dedicated DPI HNA (Hyper Non-deterministic Finite Automata) block to accelerate
complex regular expression rules. Data centers can
enhance cybersecurity with a rich set of supported
crypto acceleration.
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Data center efficiency and scalability depends on the
capabilities of a network adapter to manage, schedule,
steer and prioritize traffic based on queue management,
packet marking, congestion notification and priority based
scheduling. LiquidIO supports various mechanisms to
manage and shape traffic with dedicated independent
queues in hardware. LiquidIO adapters support hierarchical levels with single or dual rate tri-color marking and per
queue shaping and scheduling.
LiquidIO Adapters
Cavium LiquidIO® II Server Adapter Family
Single/Dual 10/25 Gigabit Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
Product Brief
Open Virtual Switch (OVS) Offload
LiquidIO integrated with OpenStack
Virtualization has led to better CPU utilization for cloud
infrastructure with a myriad of applications running on
multiple VMs per compute node. The host based OVS
typically manages the packet switching between the VMs
and this comes with a cost of reduced scalability and
higher CPU utilization as dedicated CPU cores manage
packet inflow/outflow.
Integrated natively with OpenStack Neutron
(network), OVS with overlay network acceleration can
be easily managed via standard APIs for cloud and
datacenter management.
LiquidIO solves this by offloading the OVS stack from the
host to the NIC, reducing CPU overhead and allowing
more VMs on a compute node. This is done efficiently
with multiple instances on a single node, each with their
own isolated network domain over a shared network
Figure 3: LiquidIO® II OVS with OpenStack API services
Security Offloads
Figure 2: LiquidIO® OVS with OpenStack API services
Overlay Network Offload
In a multi-tenant cloud data center, VM isolation in a
shared network infrastructure is critical.
As more VMs get hosted on powerful compute nodes,
efficiently managing traffic from each VM is done
using overlay networks. Overlay networks carry traffic
from each VM encapsulated in formats such as
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F 408-577-1992
With LiquidIO hardware capabilities, overlay network
traffic encapsulation/de-encapsulation is offloaded to
the NIC while maintaining all the traditional offloads
(transport and checksum).
LiquidIO utilizes Cavium’s industry leading security
architecture to deliver security acceleration with
IPsec offload and inline processing with no CPU
overhead, both as a standalone solution and as part
of OVS offload (tunnel and transport mode). It
supports advanced features such as packet
classification and flow aggregation with encapsulation, while maintaining support for traditional offloads
(inner and outer transport and checksum offload) in a
virtual datacenter with end-to-end packet encryption.
This ability to handle multiple offloads with high
performance differentiates LiquidIO.
DPI with L7 Application Recognition
Cloud networks must support the increase in data
size and availability with the right cybersecurity
analysis tools and software. LiquidIO hardware
acceleration supports dedicated security and crypto
engines to allow data analysis of traffic from L3-L7
with deep packet inspection, packet filtering and
application recognition features to enhance security
in data centers.
Full Custom Programmability
LiquidIO adapters are fully programmable making it
the industry’s most flexible and scalable with high
performance, and low cost solution.
LiquidIO Adapters
Cavium LiquidIO® II Server Adapter Family
Single/Dual 10/25 Gigabit Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
Product Brief
LiquidIO® II Adapters
Feature Summary
Flexible I/O for Cloud Compute
Network & Security Acceleration
for compute scalability
• Best in Class packet processing
• Open Virtual Switch (OVS) offload
• Overlay Network Offloads support
• NVMe Over L2 Transport fabric
• SDN/NFV Service Chaining
• Packet Parsing with Application
• Workload optimized software for
efficiency & extensibility
• Fully custom programmable
Network and Security
Overlay Networks
• Stateless offloads for overlay networks
• TSO, LRO (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP),
and tunneling protocols
• Hardware Offload of encapsulation,
checksum offload
de-encapsulation of VXLAN, NVGRE, and • RSS, VLAN insertion / stripping and
Tag Offload
GENEVE overlay networks
• Intelligent Interrupt coalescence
Protocol Support
• IPsec Offload (Transport , Tunnel)
• IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP
• SSL Inline
• iSCSI initiator offload
• NVMe with SRIOV
• IPsec, SSL, OpenSSL
• Deep Packet Inspection (DPI),
Packet Filtering, Application
Hardware based I/O Virtualization
• Single-Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV)
Remote Boot
• Multi-function support
• PXE and UEFI
• NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express)
• NVMe and UEFI
with SR-IOV support
• Multiple queues per virtual machine
Comprehensive OS Support
• Independent Queue management with
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux
• CentOS
enhanced QoS for vNICs
• Scientific Linux
• Ubuntu
• SRIOV – Up to 128 Virtual Function for
• FreeBSD
• Windows Server
• SRIOV – Up to 1024 Virtual Function for
Operating Conditions
• Virtual Switch support with SRIOV
• Operating temperature: 0 to 45° C
• Live VM-Migration support
Regulatory Certifications
OpenFlow/ SDN
• Safety – USA/Canada: cTUVus UL
• OpenFlow 1.3 protocol
• EMC – USA/Canada: FCC/ICES,
• OpenDaylight and FloodLight Controller
Class A
Specifications, Compliance
& Compatibility
• PCIe Gen 3.0 compliant, 1.1 and
2.0 compatible
• 2.5, 5.0, or 8.0 GT/s link rate x8
• Auto-negotiate to x8, x4, x2, x1
• MSI/MSI-X support
2315 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
T 408-943-7100
F 408-577-1992
• IEEE Std 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation
• IEEE 802.1Q, .1P VLAN tags & priority
• IEEE 802.1Qbb (PFC)
• IEEE 802.1Qaz (ETS)
• DCBX support
• IEEE 1588v2
• Jumbo Frame Support
• 25GigE Standard: 25Gigabit Ethernet
Consortium specification Protocol
CPU Offloads
• Open Virtual Switch 2.3 offload
LiquidIO Adapters
Cavium LiquidIO® II Server Adapter Family
Single/Dual 10/25 Gigabit Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
Product Brief
LiquidIO® II Adapter Family
PCIe Gen 3.0 x 8
1 x 10 GbE
15 GHz
2.7" x 6.6"
PCIe Gen 3.0 x 8
2 x 10 GbE
15 GHz
2.7" x 6.6"
PCIe Gen 3.0 x 8
1 x 25 GbE
15 GHz
2.7" x 6.6"
PCIe Gen 3.0 x 8
2 x 25 GbE
15 GHz
2.7" x 6.6"
*SVN – Networking and NVMe Adapter
2315 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
T 408-943-7100
F 408-577-1992
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