The Diva ISDN is an easy-to-use basic ISDN Interface
card, which gives you access to the Internet and
Low-cost ISDN Adapter
for Internet Access
corporate networks.
The Diva ISDN interface card is ideal for the remote
user looking for a low-cost, digital-only solution for
high-speed, reliable Internet access. With throughput
rates of up to 512 kbps with data compression, this
adapter is ideal for transmitting large amounts
of data quickly and reliably.
As well as ISDN Remote Access, Diva supports the
industry standard CAPI interface, which means that
a whole variety of third party software can be used,
including file transfer, softfax and bulletin
board access.
Thanks to Plug and Play support and extensive use
of Wizard technology, Diva can be installed and
working in your PC in less than 10 minutes and
with more international certifications than any
competing solution, the Diva ISDN is ready for any
application, anywhere.
Key Benefits
Cost Efficient
Flexible, Integrated Solution
Full ISDN Functionality
Wide Application Support
Ideal for Internet access and remote access under Linux, Windows® 2000,
Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows® 98, Windows® 95 and Windows NT®.
Supports Microsoft Dialup Networking and ISDN Accelerator Pack.
Supports Multilink PPP, combining two 64 kbps ISDN B channels to provide a single
high speed 128 kbps pipe; and CAPI interface, for Euro File Transfer and other
common applications.
Includes RVS-Com Lite software suite providing softfax and digital answering machine
facilities, plus additional support features for a wide range of Windows® applications.
Easy to Manage
Setup Wizard
Users running Windows® 2000, Windows® 98, Windows® 95 and Windows NT® get
additional assistance from a Setup Wizard which provides an installation as simple as
Plug and Play can make it.
Excellent Diagnostic Tools
Provide easy to understand information about the card's status in the unlikely event
of a problem.
Worldwide Certification
With support for all the multinational ISDN protocols, the Diva is ready for use wherever
you are in the world.
Five Year Warranty
Backed by one of the most extensive warranty agreements in the industry, with the
Diva you get real peace of mind from one of the world's leading ISDN manufacturers.
Additional Highlights
• Plug and Play Installation • ISDN line monitor in system tray • Worldwide certifications
• Bonus software: RVS-COM Lite, providing Fax Group 4, Fax Group 3 (Softfax), Euro File Transfer,
Soft modem and digital answering machine capabilities.
Microsoft Internet Explorer (web browser)
Microsoft NetMeeting (videoconferencing)
Net2Phone (Voice over IP)
.comfax (Fax over IP)
Technical Specifications
Operating Systems
Windows® 3.x, Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 Professional,
Windows® Millennium Edition, Linux, DOS, OS/2
Bus Type
ISDN Port and Interface
BRI (2 B-channels + 1 D-channel), S/T (S0)
ISDN Connection Type
Switched & Permanent
B-Channel Protocols
PPP (MLPPP), PAP/CHAP, MS-CHAP, MPPC, HDLC, X.75, X.25/ISO 8208/X.31, T.70/T.90, V.120, TCP/IP, IPX,
NetBEUI Support
D-Channel Protocols
EDSS-1 (Euro-ISDN), NI-1 (North America), 5ESS (North America), CTI (Belgium), 1TR6 (Germany),
INS Net 64 (Japan), VN4 (France), TPH 1962 (Australia)
Application Interface
Windows® 95/98/2000/Millennium: IDI, TAPI, CAPI 2.0, COM-Port, Wan Miniport
Windows® NT: IDI, CAPI 2.0,
Windows® for Workgroups 3.11: IDI, CAPI1.1, CAPI 2.0, VCAPI, NDIS
DOS OS/2: IDI, CAPI 1.1, CAPI 2.0
Data Access Speeds
128 kbps (2 x 64 kbps)
Ordering Information
Product Name
Product Code
Diva ISA S/T*
Diva PCI S/T*
Corporate LAN
* Australian, French, Spanish and German versions also available
Online Service Provider
Eicon Diva PCI
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